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Thread: DarthMod Empire | Submods | 2022

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    Icon3 DarthMod Empire | Submods | 2022

    Hello all. I hope to create an up-to-date working submods or addons list DarthMod!

    So many mods/addons say out-of-date! What works? Recommendations?

    I hope to edit/modify this thread.

    Do you know of any decent sub-mods / addons? What do you suggest?

    Working (as of 27 Dec 2022)

    Out of date
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    Default Re: DarthMod Empire | Submods | 2022

    I'm using these three mods without any issues -

    Larger regimental flags

    Death Animation Tweak Mini-mod

    and the town wealth fix!-Patch-mod you have to add this one to your user script

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    Default Re: DarthMod Empire | Submods | 2022

    @Dionysus99 thanks for your reply. The town wealth fix maybe something decent I should get. Had a skim read and was unaware of this.

    I'm still looking for decent sub-mobs which work with DarthMod Empire.

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    No worries. I don't really notice the town wealth fix in darthmod cause you get so much money after a certain point anyway if you're doing well. But it definitely works, there's a port in Persia that jumps up from poor to wealthy after the first turn to test. I've applied it cause it's meant to be that way!

    Forgot to add the AUM mod

    I'll be interested to see if anyone else can come up with other working mods.

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    Default Re: DarthMod Empire | Submods | 2022

    Forgot to add these two as well

    New battle and European campaign music for Darthmod

    Accurate cannon barrels

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    Default Re: DarthMod Empire | Submods | 2022

    Thanks for the reply. Not found many. Think HeavenGames had some China mod, this faction is added in North-East India though.

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    Default Re: DarthMod Empire | Submods | 2022

    Found another one I've been using it for a week or so and loving it, it's not such a money fest now after 20-30 turns on 4tpy

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