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Thread: Modding Awards announcement

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    Default Modding Awards announcement

    I'm very sorry to have to announce that we will not be running the Modding Awards this year.

    The reduced activity on the site means that it has become impossible to arrange a suitable competition, where we can have categories that reflect the differences between games and types of modding, and also have enough entries in each category for the competition to be worthwhile.

    We hope that at some point in future it might be possible to revive the Modding Awards (perhaps in a new format), but unfortunately we won't be able to arrange that for this year.

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    Default Re: Modding Awards announcement

    It's a pity to hear that...

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    Default Re: Modding Awards announcement

    that´s sad...

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    Default Re: Modding Awards announcement

    not pleasent to hear, hope that will change in future
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    I am new to TW mods and I am sorry to hear this. I see the Hall of Fame. I am trying to find the best mods for each game, not by year.

    Maybe you could also do an editors choice for the 5 or 10 best TW mods ever?

    That would help me decide what I want to play.

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