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Thread: The east Asian counterpart to woke ideology.

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    Default The east Asian counterpart to woke ideology.

    Black Panther did pretty decent in China, but this is a country that dislikes black characters in movies enough they edit advertisements to make them less noticeable. But this is a misunderstanding, they don't mind a cast full of black people doing their own thing, they only dislike them being treated as equals alongside white or Asian characters. It's tempting to look at it through the lens of an outsider, with your own preconceptions of why somebody does what they do.
    The motivation for anti-blackism in Asia is driven by a mental association of black people with lower status.

    Western society values the exotic and vulnerable, whereas East Asian society values the high status and modern.

    There are cigarettes in India called bidis, they are smoked by the lower classes as the wealthy prefer western made cigarettes, but bidis have been sold in modern packaging to westerners seeking out the novel.
    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    In China we see the reverse happening:

    The Chinese born American (you read that correctly) KOL (Key Opinion Leader) Rachel Rommeswinkel born to a German father and American mother said when her parents showed up at a Chinese elementary school asking if they could accept their children, the agreed upon the condition they could take photos of her and her siblings and use them in photos for the school. There are jobs where a white person is paid to sit around in a meeting in an office in China, having white friends earns you social credit.

    In a Nordic country having a brown skinned friend earns you social credit and they have to include any non-white person in photos of a company advertisement even if it is majority white. House of the Dragon and Lord of the Rings take place in Europeanized setting yet black people are present as characters who were white in the original setting.

    The only place in Asia I know of where politics have this as a quality is Hong Kong among the opposition. It's been pushed in Hong Kong to the furthest, the British colonization has left behind the circumstance that led to the Hong Kong protest movement acting as an Asian counterpart to Antifa but the ideology is diametrically opposed:

    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    I've given a brief description of this inverse-wokism. It's hard for me to put ideas into words but easier if I am responding directly to questions, so opening up discussion here will help me elaborate on my theory and why I believe this is the case.
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    "牛鬼蛇神的文字" by Fu Sinian on Chinese characters.
    ("A Cow Demon and Snake God's Writing System")

    "汉字不灭,中国必亡" Lu Xun also on Chinese characters.
    ("If Chinese Characters don't die, China will perish")

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