The changes in update 2.3.0 are explained in the patch notes.

Some players objected to the way that AI units dodge attacks from spells and artillery. What do you think of the new system for AI units dodging spells and artillery, where their ability to dodge is determined by the difficulty level?

Heir of Carthage said that, previously, the AI's ranged units focused fire on high-value targets such as heroes. What do you think of the new system for AI ranged units, where are lower difficulty levels the AI fires on the first unit they encounter, and at higher levels the AI prefers to fire on low-armour targets and to focus fire on a single unit?

Are the factions that you prefer to play working as you think they should. For example, if you play as Cathay, do you prefer the ability to change Yin and Yang buildings to the opposite type whcih was re-introduced in 2.3.0? Are there more changes that you'd like to see for your preferred factions?

What changes would you like to see in version 3.0 in Q2 of 2023?