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Thread: Mod for Roman infantry melee units

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    Default Mod for Roman infantry melee units

    Is there any mod compatible with vanilla for Roman melee infantry units? Let me explain:
    A mod that allows you to set the Roman melee units ( that applies for hastatiis, triarii, princeps, legionaries, praetorians, etc ) in shooting mode ( that allows you to manually shoot pillum at an enemy unit from where your roman unit is as long as the enemy unit is within the firing range ). Exactly like the Greek Thureo Spears units. You can choose to set them either in shooting or melee combat mode. Unfortunately when you play vanilla with no mod, you can't get the most out of your roman infantry units' pillum ammunition in many cases ( As you know, you can't set them in manual shooting mode ). The only case when you can get to fire all your roman units ammo is when you put them behind enemy units that are busy fighting and in fire at will mode. But in some cases you don't want all your roman infantry units to shoot at will. Only when you order them to do so.
    One example when the manual shooting mode would be very useful is if your army formation is composed of two melee infantry lines. While the first line is holding off the enemy, you can use the units from the second line to manually fire at other enemy units that are behind the enemy line such as skirmishers or firing at other enemy melee infantry units that are further backwards so that you don't get casualties by friendly fire.

    One more thing: the mod should also allow you to set a roman infantry unit in square formation mode.

    I know all what I mention is available in the DEI mod. But I haven't heard of any mod for vanilla specialized in what I described.
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