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Thread: Game Picture of the Year 2022 - VOTING THREAD!

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    Default Game Picture of the Year 2022 - VOTING THREAD!

    Creative Workshop Competitions - Check out our sister competitions here on TWC! << Picture of the Week | Tale of the Week | Monthly Writers' Study Competitions | Graphics Workshop Monthly Competition >>

    Banner created by RafSwi7

    Welcome to the Game Picture of the Year awards! Throughout this year we have had 13 different contestants win at least once and therefore compete in GPOTY 2022! Presented down below are the best of the best, the crŔme de la crŔme. Now is the time to cast your scrutinious eye on these pictures and decide which three you believe deserve the title King of Kings of Game Pictures!
    Please remember to let the vote be fair and as such do not ask for votes, pressure others into voting for particular pictures or tell others who you voted for.

    Voting lasts until 23rd December 2022, after which the results will be posted shortly.

    Whilst you are here, you may be interested in entering the currently running Picture of the Week, Unedited Screenshot of the Week and Game Picture of the Week competitions.

    If you win the Game Picture of the Week competition, you are guaranteed a slot in the next Game Picture of the Year battle royale.

    Game Picture of the Year Rules
    1. Each user is allowed a MAXIMUM of 3 votes. If you use too many votes, inform me via a private message before the voting ends or your votes will not count.
    2. Users may vote for their own submission.
    3. Any use of alternate accounts is strictly prohibited and will result in action taken against those who break these terms.
    4. Advertising for the Picture of the Year competition is allowed. Asking for votes in any way however is strictly prohibited and will result in action being taken against those who violate these terms.
    5. Do not say who you voted for in the comments, this could sway other people's votes and be unfair to the contestants. Comments that violate this will be edited or deleted.

    Picture of the Year Awards
    1st Place: Two Competition Points and +20 reputation

    2nd Place: One Competition Point and +15 reputation

    3rd Place: +10 reputation

    Competition Points count towards gaining Picture of the Week awards, which are granted once you have gained 3 wins, 9 wins and 15 wins.

    Submission 1

    Submission 2

    Submission 3

    Submission 4

    Submission 5

    Submission 6

    Submission 7

    Submission 8

    Submission 9

    Submission 10

    Submission 11

    Submission 12

    Submission 13

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    Default Re: Game Picture of the Year 2022 - VOTING THREAD!

    Voted, great pictures!

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    Default Re: Game Picture of the Year 2022 - VOTING THREAD!


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    Default Re: Game Picture of the Year 2022 - VOTING THREAD!

    Voted. Man, that was a hard choice, for once I have to say that 3 votes where not enough

    Fantastic material, good luck to everyone!
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    Default Re: Game Picture of the Year 2022 - VOTING THREAD!

    Macedones were, are and will always be Greeks
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    Default Re: Game Picture of the Year 2022 - VOTING THREAD!

    Voted !
    Mont-joye Saint-Denis !
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    Default Re: Game Picture of the Year 2022 - VOTING THREAD!

    Great stuff...voted!

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    Default Re: Game Picture of the Year 2022 - VOTING THREAD!


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    Default Re: Game Picture of the Year 2022 - VOTING THREAD!

    Really a difficult choice here with only 3 votes. Marvelous screenshots allround! Good luck everyone!

    Also Raf, that banner is looking mighty fine! Well done sire. Have some +rep

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