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No but the greek Cypriots already left earlier even before the Turkish Army was present there. Probably was evacuated and maybe you donīt remember but it was rather a Peace Operation rather then a Invasion or didnīt hostilities end after it? Do you agree with that?
No, the Turkish army ethnically cleansed a lot of Hellenic speaking Kypriots. I have Hellenic speaking friends whose families were evicted at gun point by Turkish soldiers and I have no reason to call them liars.

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What you mean with Hellenes? greek Cypriots? Arenīt they already left earlier since the hostilities was more present then a decade? If Iīm wrong in that case please correct me.
There are Hellenes and Hellens. The soldiers from the Hellenic Republic were no doubt there to harm ethnic Turks in Kypros, a sinful and evil mission. The Hellenic and Turkish Kypriots were stirred up against one another by other powers too, a grave and wretched situation.

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How do you came to that conclusion that Turkish Army made something happen rather then some certain groups failure in ruling both in greece aswell cyprus. The UK did what supported the greek cypriots in forming a division?
Brother if you are not prepared to blame all the crimes in the world on the UK then maybe we cannot be friends .

Black humour aside, the UK's standard modus operandi was to stir trouble in former colonies, as well as crating debt ridden regimes beholden to private interests as a form of continuing control..

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Well they should return it to whom they stole it rather then make it a peaceful settlement. It was peaceful in Turkish Hands while when some others started ruling over it the totally failed. A proof of that is this Thread.
You want it returned to the Ottman Sultanate? Not cool. Unless you are the Sultan, then I will consider it.

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Well they maybe look similar in some cases but today UK is not really present in those areas beside an Island in North-Atlantic-Ocean. So we cannot really blame something on UK when someone else is going to make those mistakes.
...once again, yes you can. THEY STOLE THE GRAIL!

Stepping back, if you look at the history of Kypros it is an ancient centre of civilisation, with period when cultural influence flowed to and from Egypt, Palestine, Syria, Lykia and Kilikia, and Hellas. I think the Kretan civilsation had a major artery flowing through southern Kypros for example, and the Mykenaeans and Hellenes shared their langauge and culture in Kypros too.

That makes Kypriotes "Greek" and "Turkish" and "ur-Lykian" and so on, but they are still Kypriotes and and I venture most on the island have the genetic heritage from their mini-elephant hunting ancestors who massacred the cute mini-mega-fauna by driving them off the cliff at Akrotiri Aetokremnos.

My old teacher David Frankel got in trouble for describing the Philia culture as a migrant group from Lykia/Kilikia, bringing bronze making and cattle herding as it looked a lot like the Turkish invasion (occupying a lot of the same area) so there is "outside blood" in places, but well stirred in by now: its weird how people back-project present events onto the past...no its not actually, people are ****ing stupid.

I am sickened that Kypriots are murdered by interlopers based around imported ethnic and political identities.

Under the system of international law the Turkish Kypriot state is illegal, as is the independent state of Taiwan. Turkiyye and the US have imposed and supported these states to troll China and the Hellenic Republic. I hope for a peaceful solution but the most likely outcome is local populations will be massacred as part of Great Power **** waving.