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Thread: Illegal occupations and Western double standards (was Turkish-Greek-Cypriot dispute).

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    Default Illegal occupations and Western double standards (was Turkish-Greek-Cypriot dispute).

    While the other questions are kinda valid, the important one is:
    Why Cyprus remains divided? We're not talking about Taiwan being a rogue province here, we're talking about a military occupation that is allowed to continue. When ISIS conquered parts of Syria and Iraq, everyone went to bomb them out of there. Even talks of China threatening Taiwan cause alarm. And yet, lackeys of Turkey are allowed to have their pseudo-state in occupied Cyprus (and many Turko-cypriots want re-unification BTW) under the presence of the Turkish army.

    The answer why Taiwan gets support while Cyprus is mostly forgotten aside of a few thumbs-up every once a while is not that hard to figure:
    The west doesn't really care about independence and liberty. That has been abundantly proven by the support Saudi Arabia gets.

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    A different case of illegal occupation and Western Hypocricy is, in my opinion, Israel and West Bank as well as the Heights of Golan.

    In my opinion, Israel illegally annexing the Heights of Golan is very similar with the Crimea situation: The Israelis have annexed a place with historical ties to them that the British foolishly passed to a different state but it is internationally recognized as part of another state and Israel's annexation is both violent and illegal.

    Then we have Israel's inexcusable actions in Palestine with the illegal occupation of West Bank, where they Donbass-ed areas that are not theirs for 55 years, with bloody conflict popping up every few years as extremists from both sides fight.
    And yet, USA hypocritically doesn't send weapons and drones to Palestinians nor they did to Assad.
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