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Thread: --Legendary-Modders: "Darth Vader" vs "King Kong" (Contains only Texts & Images from the Modding-Appreciation-Association)--

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    Icon6 --Legendary-Modders: "Darth Vader" vs "King Kong" (Contains only Texts & Images from the Modding-Appreciation-Association)--

    --Epic portrayals in Artista-Puns drawn-over illustration: Zah Linkz--
    --Mod Fighter II: Time for a Death Battle {Included Arcade-Hitpoints/Vegan-Healthbars}--
    --Hyper-realistic Kaiju-Ape grabs hold of a Handicapped-Spaceman--
    --An unholy fusion between ManApe & Cyborg {Imagine the Force-Powers of Modding had these two's combined Forces}--
    --Galactic-Empire State-Building naturally has the High Ground over a Damn Dirty-Ape--
    --George Lucas the Hutt, starting from the original 1944 proposal-draft for Star Wars, inspired by non-Gorilla Movie: King Kong 1933, although it never made it into theaters, that didn't stop him from adding special effects every decade, even Comics/Cartoon/TV Geeks have added their own flare into this decade old W.I.P. Giant-Chewbacca crushing/smacking everything in sight with his Bigfoot & Bearpaws is something we need more as a artform --
    2) https://images-wixmp-ed30a86b8c4ca88...fb74aa3f7c.png
    --Japanese Cartoon adaption coming in the Fifth season in Nippon during the Reiwa 4th of the Wokou Calendar--
    --A 531 Long-Arse Word from our non-S.R.L. Sponsors, the many Millers of the Merchant-Guild, that bought me Ice-Coffee to write this--
    The de-facto Spiritual Uncrowned-Kings of: M2TW & Warscape-Gunpowder Modding; {Let there be Jesters-Holiday Honouring these in need of Glasses Warriors from the Age of Heroes}. Hope yall like the browsed appreciation-imageries and added Cinema-reference commentary.
    For Mr. Vader and Mr. Kong, I'm gonna make a separate memed-biography of hilarity, filled with a good laugh of myths & facts detailing about them fellas soon in the distant future of 2000 AD. Sidenote: Was gonna place it all here together, but it felt too dang long & timely to make. (╯□)╯︵ ┻━┻
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