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Thread: Med 2 Mobile + Unit Card Generation Tool

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    Default Med 2 Mobile + Unit Card Generation Tool

    Hey everyone,

    Firstly I wanted to let everyone know that the KINGDOMS expansion is coming to Total War: MEDIEVAL II iOS & Android on November 10th. For those who don't know about the mobile games, so far Feral have ported both Total War: ROME and Total War: MEDIEVAL II as full games on mobile, with the same content as the originals.

    They are both premium games, so you purchase once and keep the entire game for good, same as the original desktop.

    More information on our Kingdoms release can be found in the YouTube link below.

    This leads onto a little extra present we have for MED II modders! As part of our work on the mobile release, we remade all the UI elements in HD, so they look nice and sharp on mobile screens. This included regenerating all the unit cards. To do this we wrote a system that would load the units in Blender, pose and export them into new, higher quality unit cards. We thought this would be a useful tool for desktop modders, so we've made it available (without support) for via our GitHub here:

    Please note that this is not a tutorial, and assumes you have some knowledge of Blender or are willing to learn. However, the tool should be fairly simple to use if you've done a little modelling before.

    Hope you have fun!
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    Default Re: Med 2 Mobile + Unit Card Generation Tool

    Thanks, this sounds very cool and I imagine that Medieval II modders will look forward to seeing what they can do with the extra present - Christmas has come early this year!

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    Default Re: Med 2 Mobile + Unit Card Generation Tool

    Nice to see a Feral guy again! And with excellent news.

    Took the liberty to post about the unit card stuff here.

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    Default Re: Med 2 Mobile + Unit Card Generation Tool

    So... Feral is doing a lot of good for older TW titles.
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    Default Re: Med 2 Mobile + Unit Card Generation Tool

    Grand! I hope there's a Remaster in the making. Just don't touch the UI design...
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