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Thread: GTA 6 Leak (Authenticity Confirmed)

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    Here's another alleged GTA 6 leak, this time with video
    A user on GTAForums(opens in new tab) by the name of 'teapotuberhacker' who say they were also behind a recent Uber hack has posted 90 videos they claim come from a test build of Grand Theft Auto 6, running with "GTA 5 and 6 source code and assets". Screenshots and clips from these videos are doing the rounds on YouTube, Twitter, Reddit and elsewhere, and they do seem to line up with details from the recent GTA 6 leak as well as an earlier one, both suggesting it will have multiple playable characters, one a woman, and be set in and around the Miami-esque Vice City.
    GTA 6 gameplay leaks online in 90 videos
    The massive leak lines up with some earlier reporting on GTA VI, showing a female playable character in some clips. Bloomberg reported earlier this year that GTA VI would include two female protagonists influenced by Bonnie and Clyde. Bloomberg reporter Jason Schreier says he has verified the leak is real through sources at Rockstar Games.
    Another clip shows a playable character on the “Vice City Metro” train, which lines up with reports that the game is set in a fictionalized version of Miami much like 2002’s GTA: Vice City. A separate clip includes a poolside conversation that feels similar to the NPC conversations in Rockstar’s Red Dead Redemption 2.
    Some accounts are sharing the leaks bit by bit. They seem to be using some features from Read Dead Redemption 2 which makes sense. Finally some real news.
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    This is really something to a person like me who considers GTA V among the very best games ever made. And it is still today visually stunning in 4K, much because of the superb SLI optimization that allows better graphics on a modest gaming rig that modern games can offer on the same.

    It annoyed me greatly that when the news about the leak was in, all kinds of attention-seeking youtubers and games bloggers made things with nothing to show. Long videos and stories labeled "GTA VI leaks" that showed absolutely nothing or even had some GTA V or crappy GTA III era remake videos running, while saying nothing substantial about GTA VI.
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