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Thread: Musket zero misfire chance fix

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    Default Musket zero misfire chance fix

    In vanilla only percussion cap muskets have misfiring chance of 6%, while more primitive matchlocks and flintlocks have 0, which is obviously an oversight by CA.

    Flintlock and matchlock muskets now have misfiring chance of 12 and 16 percent accordingly (inspired by Abandoned Warlord's misfires mod). Unlike in Abandoned Warlord's version, I do not change the misfire chance of cannons (1% and 2% for flintlock and matchlock respectively), because I feel these numbers are by design: taking into account the small amount of cannons in a squad (4 cannons vs 160 muskets in a line regiment), a high misfire chance would severely reduce the number of hits the squad can do.

    To install the patch put musket_misfire_fix.pack file into your game's data directory and create a user.empire_script.txt file in C:\Users\[User Name]\AppData\Roaming\The Creative Assembly\Empire\scripts and add the following line to it:
    mod musket_misfire_fix.pack;
    The mod changes _kv_rules and may cause conflicts with other mods if they change the same table.

    Download here.

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    Default Re: Musket zero misfire chance fix

    Percussion Shells (in the army technology tree) gives a -5% for weapons misfiring, in this mod would that say take the Flintlock from 12% down to 7% or is it just 5% of the total 12% value?
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