Hey I'm working on a realistic battle mod and am pretty much done.

One thing I need help with is to make braced infantry more impactful either by increasing Expert Charge Defense(not sure if that is even possible) or make bracing itself more effective.
There are some values in kv_rules but I'm not sure what exactly they change. Maybe someone more knowledgeable can explain them? Below are the ones that need some explanation for me to understand better what I'm working with.

  • bracing_calibration_ranks,
  • bracing_calibration_ranks_multiplier,
  • bracing_charge_reflector_bonus,
  • bracing_immovable_by_small_entity_mass,

  • impact_reflection_final_damage_modifier,
  • impact_reflection_velocity_bonus_damage_modifier,
  • refusal_chance_vs_charge_reflectors