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Thread: Kurios tes Asia Issue

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    Hi all,

    The Kurios tes Asia event fired for me as Makedon but the Basilike Patris is not available (the Hellenistic Polis and Isoteleia Katoikon do exist in Babylon). There is an option to construct Basilike Patris at other eligible poleis. I have already constructed two Basilike Patris in Pella and Antiogenei, so the other sites shouldn't be eligible iirc.

    I've tried troubleshooting a bit and reloading some prior saves to no avail. I've never put the Basilike Patris in queue and removed it either. All I can think of at this point is that I acquired Babylon via a treaty instead of conquest. Nothing in the script suggests that should be an issue but it's all I can think of.

    If anyone else has any suggestions or ideas, I'd appreciate it!


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    The hidden_resource requirements for Makedonia's Basilike Patris is the following:
    hellen1 or greek1 or royal_core
    Pella is hellen1 and so is Antiochea. That's why you were able to build the BP there. Babylon however doesn't have any of those.
    To see the full list of regions and their hidden_resources, open <ebii installation>/data/world/maps/base/descr_regions.txt. Search for "hellen1", "greek1" or "royal_core". Only regions with those hidden_resources can build Basilike Patris. Unfortunately the region names don't correspond to settlement names on the campaign map. To see each region's settlement name, copy the region name from descr_regions.txt and search for it in <ebii installation>/data/world/maps/campaign/imperial_campaign/descr_strat.txt.
    But basically, to save you time, you can judge which settlements have which of those 3 hidden resources with these soft rules:
    greek1: Original Greek poleis (Athenai, Korinthos, Sparte, etc) and major Greek colonies (Syracuse, Sinope, Pantikapiaon, etc)
    hellen1: Major Diadochi capitals (Only Ambrakia, Pella, Antiochea, and Alexandreia)
    royal_core: Regions where historical kingdoms made their capitals (Pella - Makedonia, Nikaia - Bithynia, Sardeis - Persian Western capital, Dardanion - Dardania, Kabyle - Odrysia, all 3 Caucasian Mountain provinces - Iberia, Kartvelia, Albania, etc).
    So, in addition to having a Polis and Isoteleia Katoikon, you are restricted to regions where a Makedonian Basilike Patris would make sense. Interestingly, EBII is coded so that even royal_core provinces in far-off lands like Cisalpine Gaul (Mediolanum) and Iberia (Mastia) can support Makedonia's Basilike Patris... though would you ever do that in practice?

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