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    Default A Medieval Mod: 1191

    A Medieval Mod: 1191:
    Mod Platform: Medieval II - Kingdoms
    Release Status: Released
    Mod foldered: Yes
    Mod creator\team leaders: Curt2013
    Mod team members: Curt2013
    Mod Description: -Better ai both campaign and battle. -new units all around even from previous versions. -new interactive events such as traveling mercenaries. -Merchants are back but very limited, as with limited priests. -Religion now plays a bigger role in the order of your cities. -Should be harder to maintain order all around still might need tweaks. -Game is meant to be a slow build-up of your nation, 6 turns per year early campaign only -Collect artifacts through battle such as special rings, shields, swords, axes, breastplates.
    Other info on mod:
    Forum link(s):
    Download link(s): Thread with download link
    Permissions: Free to use
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