Hello, I've been away from modding for many years and it seems some of the patches that came after patch 17 which is the last patch the mod worked on broke something in the mod but I can't find a single issue.

The problem is that the units added in the mod just don't show up, it's like the mod is off but it's definitively not off, made 100% sure it's on and even tried setting the mod as a movie file so it loads automatically but same issue still.

The only thing i updated was the Main_units table which seems to have an extra row entry but passing it to the new table didn't do anything and the name of transports changed which i also updated.

I can't find any info on what other tables might have changed or if the format/name of other entries are different, I can't find anything that doesn't match the current data_rome2.

Posting the mod here in hopes someone can take a look and maybe find something i may be missing.