So either in patch 1.7 or 1.6 CA added a outnumber morale penalty when you were the defender which annoys me because it will constantly give you a -1 moral every few seconds until it ticks up to like -100 and makes your units route before they can even get fight the enemy.

When searching in the database I found the localization description for the effect in random_localization_strings with the values key value of "unit_concerned_outnumbered" and description of "Forces outnumbered by the enemy", but when I right click the key it says there is 0 references, so I don't know where to to find the actual effect itself that references that description key. I looked in _kv_morale and couldn't find any pertaining to the "Forces outnumbered by the enemy" penalty so can someone tell me which table I need to edit to change the values of the penalty.