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Thread: Lucium Total War 3.0 Update

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    Icon1 Lucium Total War 3.0 Update


    Release Trailer -

    Description and Background

    Lucium Total War
    is a mod based on Empire and Napoleon Total War set in the years 1700 to 1850, bringing both games together over the course of 150 years. Lucium is a passion project started in August 2019 by two developers and has eventually expanded to be a six man team working hard to bring an authentic gun powder experience to Medieval 2, after a year and a half of work, we're proud to announce the release of our 3.0 update for Europe which also includes the 1.1 update of our South America campaign.

    Lead Developer - Yaboi_666/Urban_Hoplite
    Co-Lead Developer - Lord Ayedren/Mithyc
    Head Scripter - Rennat
    Head Writer - Freelance7
    Artist - Hazamufaza
    Artist - FrozenStag

    Better and clearer Installation
    Better and clearer Launcher

    EUROPE 3.0

    -Addition of the Great Northern War
    -Hungary Script
    -French Revolution Script
    -Modernization Rework (Which now covers the Middle East)
    -HRE Script
    -Spanish Succession Crisis Script
    -British Succession Crisis Script
    -Barbary Script
    -Bavarian Catholicism Script
    -More interesting formable nation events pre and post formation
    -More Factions (The Barbary States, Egypt, Wallachia-Moldavia, The Khalidi Emirate, The Kazakh Khanate)
    Click image for larger version. 

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    -Ottoman tributaries and independence wars
    -New Formable Nation (Scandinavia)
    -More Units
    -Better Unit Cards
    -Unique models and re-texturing for existing units (for example light pikemen, grenadiers, dragoons, and home guard)
    -New Campaign Map Models (Ships and Armies)
    -New Menu
    -New Music
    -More historical accuracy(Borders, Cities, and Characters)
    -More personalized generals through nationality and class
    -Fully working cores/culture system
    -Building Card changes to look clearer and more visually appealing
    -Harder Economy Script
    -Fixed path-finding issues on the map
    -New Middle Eastern Portraits
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	jjfgfjg.png 
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ID:	366835
    -Crash reduction

    South America 1.1
    -Updated menu to be similar to Europe 3.0
    -Fixed numerous community bugs
    -New building cards

    Lucium Official Discord -

    Moddb Page -

    Thank you all for taking the time to check out our mod Lucium Total War, we hope you enjoy it and make sure to give us feedback and any suggestions you may have!
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    Good luck to you and many downloads. I love the 18th century, too bad most people don't. Empire never had much of a fan base, so why not add a whiff of grapeshot to it and merge it with the napoleonic period?

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    Default Re: Lucium Total War 3.0 Update

    Looks nice! Although get CTD straight after the startup screen from my selected faction. I get this message, included the typo: " Hello persom that messed with the files. You shouldn't have done that! I have not done anything with the files. I have also joined discord but doesn't have permission to write anything there... Hence the message here.
    Less is more

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    Default Re: Lucium Total War 3.0 Update

    So the map is only Europe and north Africa? I was checking out those delightful screens at Mod database

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    Default Re: Lucium Total War 3.0 Update

    Rarely do I comment here to complain but...
    First of all, great mod!
    Second, every single ing time I try to siege a city or defend a besieged siege I get a Crash To Desktop.
    Paris? Forget about it.
    Lyons? Forget it, we are not interested!

    I've literally conquered the whole god damned Europe with Prussia and I can't fight a single siege!
    This is ridiculous.

    Other than that, great job. Two thumbs up.

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    Default Re: Lucium Total War 3.0 Update

    UPDATE: Took out France and Poland-Lithuanian Commonwealth.
    Save got corrupted.

    I'm done.
    Great mod, guys

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