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Thread: How do you construct the center of power in Armavir as Hayastan?

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    Icon5 How do you construct the center of power in Armavir as Hayastan?

    There's a requirement on the center of power building in Armavir that you unlock as Hayastan after the first reform which states that 20% of the culture there must be Eastern Imperial. I assumed that the reform would change you to Eastern Imperial to convert to 20%, but the imperial % is going down in favor of Eastern Tribal every year. I can't find the 20% requirement in the player guide (only a requirement for the next level of the building), which confuses me even further.

    How do I construct the center of power? I've considered two options, and neither of them seem particularly great: 1.) wait until I hit the second reform, which should convert my culture to Eastern Imperial, and then wait for Armavir to be converted 2.) destroy the current government building in Armavir, build a strategic hai instead, and then upgrade that to the next level, wait until it converts Armavir (I think it converts to 35% Eastern Imperial. Is that right?), tear it down, and then rebuild the original structure to then upgrade to a center of power. Option 1 would take a long time, and I'm not sure if option 2 would actually work. Is there something simple that I'm missing? What is the fastest way to get the center of power building built?

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    Ok, to address your query:

    • To get to the 20% EI required, you need to build at least the 1st level of foreign military colony to have the conversion needed to get to 20% EI so that you can build the Seat of Power in Armavir.
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