Hi Community,

first of all i want to thank the mod creators for their awesome work and the time they spent on it. It is an amazing Project and i cannot tell how much i appreciate it. I absolutely love the historical Total War games and played each alot. Since i installed this mod, i spent alot of hours playing it aswell. I have encountered many good and bad things.

For a better overview – i started the campaing with the duchy of austria on the hard difficulty.
I reached the year 1400 and it is such a slow and painful advance…


It is such a massive problem…
I got the „huge faction“ penality or whatever it is called, and because i tried to get influential politics i have massive public order problems. I almost got more than 30 Regions under my control and 11 Armies. Because oft hat i need to set the taxes to the highest value aswell, otherwise i could not keep the armies up. I need the armies because literally everyone is against me. I cannot build PUBLIC ORDER buildings only, because of the money issues. Every Region is revolting and all i do is defending and repairing cities every round, and well… that is time consuming.


I make a faction my vassal and 2 rounds later they turn against me. No one ever agrees to a trading offer. Factions on the other side of the world declare war on me, even though we havent seen each other for one time. Factions that are in war with me and are reduzed from a big empire to one region, doesnt want peace or becoming my vassal either. Diplomacy is just not a possible mechanic for my playthrough and that really sucks. Even the HRE is against me even though most of the regions in the HRE are under my control.

For now thats all, but i think i cowered the most crucial points. I hope this will get better in future updates, cause the progress is just stagnating at some point.

Best regards and thanks for all