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Thread: How was Line of Sight implemented?

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    Default How was Line of Sight implemented?

    Not an important question, just hoping that someone can indulge my curiosity. Personally, I think that NTW3's line of sight system is magnificent, which along with its slower battles and new mechanics; really make battles enjoyable. How exactly was the line of sight system made and refined to such a degree that it works as well as it does now? From what I can tell, they made it so that units can hide in most terrain and while walking but somehow my cavalry can remain hidden in forest even when the enemy is a bit close. That said, it's worth mentioning that running does break stealth but that's more a limitation of the game than it is a mistake from the devs' side.

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    Default Re: How was Line of Sight implemented?

    The line of sight or "Fog of War" is an important part of the NTW3 Classic Battle MP mod that has been refined over the many years of the NTW3 mod. The "FoW" for online MP battles forces each side to scout, maneuver, engage and plan battles to fight opponents. The slower pace provides players time to plan out tactics and is more historical as it often took all day for opposing Generals to maneuver their forces to the enemy.

    While the "FoW" worked out well for MP online battles with human players, it did create problems for the campaign battles were most battles are fought against the AI. When the campaign battle AI is on defense it would tend to hide its units from sight in a mass formation or blob. It was not until recently that Lord Wesley was able to identify and fix the problem with our next campaign patch NTW3_v92.

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