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Thread: Graphics mods for Mk1212

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    Default Graphics mods for Mk1212

    I was watching a recent review of the Dec 21 Patch on Youtube by a guy called 'Andystake'. He definitely had some neat looking Graphic enhancement mods for his game. On searching the Steam Workshop i cant find a thing. Well a few old mods for Atilla, but not what he had.

    So, does anyone know what mods he's using in the Vid or any other recommended graphical mods for 1212?

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    It looks like "reShade + sweet fx" search for it on google. Rehade is a tool were you can adjust visual effects, there are even presets on the reshade website aswell. You might find a fitting preset there, or just adjust it yourself to your satisfaction

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    Default Re: Graphics mods for Mk1212 @4:45 somewhere around this timestamp you see the youtuber adjusting the ReShade settings in Attila. You can really play around , have fun

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    Thanks ive found it

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