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Thread: Steam or Standalone?

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    Default Steam or Standalone?

    why is the steam version size is bigger then the standalone version? never played the mod before i just want to know what should i download.

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    Default Re: Steam or Standalone?

    they are the same, the steam version is 3 parts while twc is 2

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    Default Re: Steam or Standalone?

    Both are same sized, just Steam file is unpacked, hence the size.

    Use standalone anyway, its much faster to load due to Steam putting mods in remote location. Standalone version will have 2-3 times shorter load times.
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    I don't understand what you mean by "remote location". I have been using Steam mainly due to its ease of use.

    BTW, you can use technical terms with me; I am a retired software engineer. Are you saying the Steam version keeps DEI assets on disk between battle/campaign swaps whereas the non-Steam version keep assets in memory.

    I set my memory to 4Gb in the INI file as I am running WIN10(64), and edited the ROME2.EXE header to allow access to more than 2Gb of memory. So, unless you are talking about disk/SSD vs memory; I don't understand your point.


    I wanted to complement the DEI Team. The idea of official supported mods is very nice. I recently have been playing another TW Rome experience, but it is either less customizable or everything is use at your own risk. That DEI comes with interchangeable modules that are supported is very nice, and might professional level way of packaging.


    How does mod loading work? Are first, the CA files loaded, the overwritten by DEI, and then overwritten if I am using some third party terrain/water/settlement? Effectively most assets get load three times which makes is very slow? Is there anyway to not treat DEI as a mod, but update the base game and get very fast load/unloads of battle/campaign? (I never play Rome2 or any other mod but DEI.)

    Thanks for the wonderful world of DEI!

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