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Thread: The odd behavior of the garrison

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    Default The odd behavior of the garrison

    A settlement belongs to your faction for 50 years.

    The enemy takes it, and the next turn to arrive to recover it.

    I find it odd that the garrison has defected to and fights for the invading faction.

    I suspected this is hard coded, and little can be done about garrison loyalty?

    Also, in ancient times did slave fight for their owners? (I know the depiction of Ben Hur of oarsmen being slaves is incorrect.)


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    Default Re: The odd behavior of the garrison

    Garrisons would be repleced by troops of nation that conquered it.

    Plus game makes no difference if someone holds it for a turn of 100 turns. As far as game files are concerned, these as separate entities.
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    Default Re: The odd behavior of the garrison

    A garrison is not the population fighting for the city, but troops placed there by the owner to, well, own it. That's kind of what ancient warlords such as Alexander did, they went around and put garrisons in cities, and that was what determined their ownership of them.
    I think the game only slowly replaces a depleted garrison after it had been wiped out to be captured, so if you recapture it a turn later there would not be very many of them to oppose you.
    If you want cities to not fall that quickly, you might want to add walls to them:

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    Default Re: The odd behavior of the garrison

    Well, it was a nice try!

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