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    Hey there folks, I've been a fan of this mod for years now and I'm looking to bring a newer player into this with me, but I have a question. I've generally enjoyed playing on a hard campaign difficulty with a normal battle difficulty with DEI, but now that I'm looking to play a Coop game I don't have the option to set the battle difficulty to normal.

    I've previously heard that DEI doesn't like it when you play on anything except normal battle difficulty, is this still the case? I see a submod that allows for normal battle difficulty, but it is long since outdated. Do I have to go with just normal difficulty in order to not mess the battles up, any other options?

    Thanks kindly.

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    You should be able to change the battle difficulty in the in-game menu, if memory serves.

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    You can in singleplayer, in multiplayer the gameplay menu where the option is located is greyed out. Will likely go with the non-CAI hardcore submod in order to get those AI bonuses without breaking combat balance, I just wish there was an updated submod that buffed the campaign AI without the player getting stuck with all those nasty effects. I want my buddy to struggle but maybe not suffer THAT much.

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