I've been thinking of re-doing one of my mods that I posted on the steam workshop a while ago, so i've begun to re-do it, starting with the campaign descriptions for factions. while i've gotten some to show, others don't for some reason here's an example: (also bear in mind that these descriptions are a work in progress.)


{BARBARIAN_INVASION_CELTS_DESCR}Difficulty Factor: ESTIMATED MODERATE\n\nThe Celts are the pre-Roman inhabitants of Britain who were never subdued after the invasion in 55 AD. Hadrian took the decision to build a physical barrier to separate northern Britannia.(That being Hadrians wall, which lies pretty much destroyed and in ruins due to peasents taking bricks from it over the ages). From the Picts to the north (in what is now modern Scotland). No Roman ever felt it was worthwhile to establish Roman domination over The Picts, The Caledonians, The Goidels, The Gaels, The Scotti, and The Cymry (The Welsh, The Scots and The Irish respectively). As a result the old ways lingered on in these remote areas. Now, with Roman power on the wane, the Celts are looking to the rich province of Britannia. Their style of warfare has not changed much and would have been recognisable to Julius Caesar. Raids into the relatively rich Romano-British provinces are now an attractive option, as is conquest and the re-establishment of traditional ways. \n\nHistorically,there was really never a formal nation or sole faction of/or known as "Celts". it is a generalization of a *meteric* ton of tribes (similarly represented as like the Berbers/Moors or some of the many of the german tribes are, mainly due to late roman historians either being ignorant/oblivious of their enemy or confusing them with old, dead ones like calling the huns/goths skythians, etc). many celtic tribes evolved into their own nations. the worshipment of the old celtic gods dissipated around the 6-7th century AD. (but however somewhat carried on in irish stories of some saints: Like Saint Nickolas and Patrick, who are/were considered or depicted as god-hero's of sorts in the way of old celtic storytelling)

the celts are only one example here, I can't change the emergents descriptions either (especially important since I made the romano-british playable from the start originally and plan to re-create that) or the vandals for some reason....