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Thread: Helios 3: Revenge of the Helios

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    Default Helios 3: Revenge of the Helios

    State of the Thema Devia by Seneca
    Circus Maximus Gladiatorial Contest by Darkragnar
    Curia Report by Felixion
    Page 3!
    Editorials by Stalins Ghost & Siblesz
    Editor's Pick

    Welcome to the new Helios, for the third time! I'm still your editor, Ozymandias. We have some nice new stuff today, as well as some old favourites; if we start with one of the latter, it gets us in well, no?

    Ren said it with authority, sexually procreate the police

    Why do people hate the police?

    “So many able writers have shown that the unjust institutions which work so much misery and suffering to the masses have their root in governments, and owe their whole existence to the power derived from government we cannot help but believe that were every law, every title deed, every court, and every police officer or soldier abolished tomorrow with one sweep, we would be better off than now.”
    Lucy Parsons quotes


    The Big Brother Debacle

    Are we watching them, who is watching us? Must be fascinating....

    Wide spread of opinions here, that are all quoteworthy

    Quote Originally Posted by moralman
    Three talented young British females have been mercilessly villified, internationally no less, for their principled stance against the rampant Indian nationalism of fading Bollywood icon Shilpa Shetty aided and abetted by her Man-Friday Jermaine Jackson.
    (I struggle to find Jade talented just to throw in a personal opinion there, the ex model on the other hand has two rather large talents in a push up bra)

    Quote Originally Posted by Erik
    Those producers deserve it though. (to be burned at the stake)
    They are the scum of the earth, and Big Brother is the filth that oozed out of their rotten brains.
    I burn a picture of John de Mol jr. every day.

    My only question is: what took the Indians so long?
    Quote Originally Posted by freddie
    I would never have guessed Jade was half cast. Even still though, it doesn't detract from the fact that she is a twisted bully with an IQ of a lamp post.

    The only good to have come out of this is the fact that Jade is now been shown for what she really is, we all knew she was thick (or ‘fick’ if you talk like her) but now the press has painted her as racist bigot which will be near impossible for her to recover from.
    Is it bullying or racism? Perhaps the two mixed together, or all a result of a low IQ? Could it be engineered hyperinflated tensions from being trapped in a house with other people for a long time. It could be the playground mentality. One thing is for sure it makes for uncomfortable viewing - that is if you watch it at all, something which I always thought was the reserve of the popculture generation.

    The beloved darling of the Tabloids, Jade Goodies betrayal was swift and merciless. Those who graced her with an 8 million fortune saw opportunity and everyone from The Sun, The Mail (of course) and the Guardian were at it. You can't blame the papers, they need stories that sell and this one was pure gold dust.
    New Labour our reactionary Super Nannies were quick to jump on. Trevor Phillips head of the Racial equality commision, a man we all know to posess good judgement of course, advised that Tessa Jowel our cultural secratery get involved and force the head of a private organisation to resign and have Big Brother pulled. Ken Livingstone another man whose wisdom is without doubt waxed lyrically about the horrors of racism on TV. Surely the government wouldn't comment on something like this, does Celebrity culture have such a profound impact on our society that it can draw comment from serious politicians.

    Now something is clearly self evident about what shapes events in our country and in part other places of the world. A media phemnemenon manages to draw in public figures from all over the UK government including our PM to be Gordon Brown, they all feel compelled to make comment on it and decry its existence. Despite the fact that this show is engineered to titillate a young teenage audience it has ramifications on a national political level. Is this a reactionary government that panders to the media and shifting public opinion or the evidence of a movement towards a Big Brother state on a larger scale where the search for equality is rampant on any given scale.

    The interesting side it does expose to Britain is not the simmering racial tension but the elitism (something I can be guilty of) and class prejudice that exist, in a desperate effort to shift a non existant blame from the entirety of British society Commentators have shifted the blame onto the lower white working class. Taking one incident on the lowest of all shows to indite an entire section of society. In colloquial conversations or editorials they make summary judgements about what and where support for Jades point of view comes from.

    It is a sad day when a program of such abismal standards can effect Britain on this scale. The one winner would have to be Channel 4 peak audiences for the series jumped from 3.5 million on Monday to 5.2 million on Wednesday, and the show has been making front page headlines for days. The Times said Channel 4 "has either been complicit in promoting the racial bullying to boost ratings or, worse, cynically contrived a cast list to elicit a row".
    The losers, well that is everyone.

    Speaking about peacocks: 'You see those things, don't think I'm being daft, but them things that look like eyes, are they their real eyes?'
    'East Angular - that's abroad!' - Jade Goody
    'When you delete a phone number from your phone, where does it go?' Emma From one celebrity big brother or another


    Down with the Sassenachs!

    UK, Nationalism and Scottish Separatism

    Quote Originally Posted by he whose name shall not be mentioned
    Breaking up the United Kingdom, in all, would be an overreaction and a disaster, and I will offer Gordon Brown all support in stopping it. I will also - if things continue as they are - vote for him if he is leader of the Labour Party in the next general election, despite the fact I identify with the Conservative Party.
    Quote Originally Posted by The Black Prince
    Brown has no choice to but to trumpet this issue. he's a scottish labour MP. the only thing rarer is a scottish conservative. if scotland seperates from england and the union, where does that leave brown? lol... i swear thats his only reason for being such a staunch supporter of britishness.

    not that i think what he does is a bad idea, i'm all for britishness. This year represents the tricentenial. what celebrations are planned to mark the sovereign union of 2 great nations? as far as i'm aware, none. and that speaks great volumes.
    Lots of British topics today, first person to accuse bias won't even get a last ciggarette!

    There is a higher form of patriotism than nationalism, and that higher form is not limited by the boundaries of one's country; but by a duty to mankind to safeguard the trust of civilization.
    Oscar S. Strauss


    Somebody discovered the joy of Italics

    Abortion (again)

    Quote Originally Posted by Scarface
    It seems there is no active thread for Abortion, and seeing how it always sparks great Debates--here it is.

    Is it murder? Of course it is. Regardless of the Scientific Definition, a Fetus is human. If we are to follow what Science says blindly, and base our own morals on this, then we have lost much of our own humanity. It may not be sentient yet, it may be little more than a clump of cells, but from the exact point the Woman becomes pregnant, that clump of cells is Human. It will in 9 months be an innocent baby, if you kill a baby, it is seen as one of the most heinous of crimes. Yet, just because it is in its early stages, its alright to kill a baby before its birth?

    Is it alright, if the Victim was raped? No. You went through a traumatic event, that is undeniable. You may even hate the baby you are carrying in your womb, you may see it as evil growing inside you. However, the crimes of its Father should not be brought down upon the Child. The baby has not done you wrong. It deserves to live. Even if you do hate it, there is always adoption. Which yes, may be a hard life. But at least it is life.

    In conclusion, there is no morality in Abortion.
    If the anti-abortion movement took a tenth of the energy they put into noisy theatrics and devoted it to improving the lives of children who have been born into lives of poverty, violence, and neglect, they could make a world shine. ~Michael Jay Tucker

    Republicans are against abortion until their daughters need one, Democrats are for abortion until their daughter wants one. ~Grace McGarvie

    Only half the patients who go into an abortion clinic come out alive. ~Author Unknown


    Is it a Bird? A plane? A Man or a Woman?

    Hilary Clinton for teh win!

    There cannot be true democracy unless women's voices are heard. There cannot be true democracy unless women are given the opportunity to take responsibility for their own lives. There cannot be true democracy unless all citizens are able to participate fully in the lives of their country. [July 11, 1997] - Hilary Clinton

    Thats all for now folks TTFN

    Up to his usual high standards I feel. I have to admit that neither scottishrager nor Shaun was able to send in an article this week due to real-life issues (bah, real life, who needs one?), and they did excuse themselves to me so we must forgive them. However Darkragnar has come through with a Circus report;

    Welcome back to the Circus Maximus, Ive got more Videos and exciting news for you this edition and without wasting more time ill get straight to the point

    EUROPA UNIVERSALIS III has just been released 2 days ago Go Get it now people with reviews this good it seems the long wait has finally paid off ,check the Thread Europa Universalis III and remember all the latest stuff is at the Last pages. Although it might not all be A bed of roses, there has been some criticism about the looks but thats up to you to decide, you could forgo the looks and concentrate on the game play or you could not either way this is defiantly a great game.

    Image by Deckard

    Also we have the SPORE 's discussion thread where you can share your views on this most excellent game. If you don't know what Spore is then let me explain a bit , This is the Next Game from the Creator of the Sims and Sim City and this game allows you to lead a single celled organism in a drop of water to be the Ruler of the Galaxy, Perplexed ? then watch this , it might not be the best quality wise but youll get an Idea of what Spore is. Warning you might want to turn the music down on this one.

    Continueing with the Tradition of Introduceing Free games ,Americas Army is a free Multiplayer game created by the American Military for you. From the Thread
    "America's Army is a realistic computer game providing civilians with an inside perspective and a virtual role in today's premiere land force, the U.S. Army. America's Army players will experience soldiering in a state-of-the-art new manner. The America's Army game blends two vivid simulations: Soldiers, a role-playing portion in which players navigate life's challenges to achieve goals, and a first-person action game, called Operations.

    The action-packed Operations portion allows up to 32 players to enter into "virtual service" with the U.S. Army on the same unit mission. Players begin their virtual Army experience as a recruit with an anonymous user name to experience challenging Army missions from a first-person perspective. Training missions build player capabilites -- from navigating Fort Benning's obstacle course to parachute drops in preparation for assignment to the 82nd Airborne Division. Multiplayer missions are organized into assignment tours, such as being part of the 10th Mountain Division (Light Infantry) or the 75th Ranger Regiment. To join a multiplayer game, the players must complete the appropriate training. Gamers use realistic equipment and authentic military hardware. Teamwork, leadership and the benefits of training are emphasized. As in any team effort, communication is key: gamers use different speech, whispers, shouts, radio messages and -- in a game industry first -- genuine military hand and arm signals. Borrowing a page from Army force-on-force training methods, players always perceive they always are on the U.S. team."

    Image By Carach
    Your Fellow Brothers in the TWC-Alliance Need your help , If you have Google Earth and play the Game GEwar then you'r Fellow TWC Members need your support , go to the Google Earth War - TWC Alliance! thread and join the Alliance,For TWC!!! ,We Wont Stop till Complete World Domination. To the victors belong the spoils.-General Ferdinand Foch

    Now, here we come to the first of our new features, and a new face at the Helios. I'd like a warm welcome for Felixion... unfortunately it was a little more lukewarm than warm, in all honesty, but he appears to have survived quite well. Here we have a Curia round up; previously controversial, I hope you all enjoy it.

    The CVRIA has been a place of tense debates, and turbulent change these past weeks. In this issue of the Helios, we'll fill you in on everything that has gone on, with an exclusive interview with forum maverick Garbarsardar. The events that have transpired will affect not only those who walk the long corridors of the CVRIA, but every member of TWC.


    The drama unfolded like drama always does – rife with confusion, anger, failed communication, and ultimately a resolution. Long time TWC leaders were unseated from power, positions were shuffled, members banned and then unbanned – chaos overran the site. For a more detailed account we have with us Garbarsardar, a long time TWC veteran with a first hand account of what took place.

    Thank you for agreeing to this interview.

    It is a honor and a pleasure to converse with unscrupulous hacks the members of the press and I thank you for giving me this opportunity at such a critical moment for the future of TWC (although I have to say that the past 3 years were a big critical moment also).

    A lot of things have changed over the last few weeks, and there seems to have been a lot of chaos in the CVRIA, can you explain what's been going on?

    I will go briefly over the changes and then I will proceed to explain why your question is part of the problem.

    The past week saw a forum revolt that culminated in a change of ownership. imb39 a longtime staff member purchased the site from ON. This would not have been possible if imb39 did not have the bravery to put his money where our collective mouth was and of course if our collective mouth was not there my friend Ian would not be able to put his money anywhere. So what brought this change was a collusion between the collective that is TWC and individual (s) that took the risk.

    And now to the Curia...

    Your question implies "chaos in the Curia". This is part of a misunderstanding, well, a myth rather, which implicates the Curia in whatever happens in TWC's administration.

    The truth of the matter is that chaos was in the Suggestion forum, in the Thema Devia, in the modding foray and much less in the Curia. Of course, ranked members (either Staff members or Curia members) contributed to the revolt but this is expected since those are the older and more aware members. At the same time, dozens of simple members supported the change and fought in the "resistance"; all those cannot post in the Curia, right?

    And to further the truth, in all instances of crisis in TWC the Curia was the last to know. All crisis ALWAYS starts in Staff. ALWAYS. No crisis ever started in the Curia:

    Hacker attacks: A former member of RTR hacked the site because the Staff posted MSN logs of RTR members.

    Coup against Archer: Staff tried to overthrow ON's administrator.

    Besim Crisis: ON fought with Staff about Besim's intervention.

    Change of ownership: ON fired all staff and replaced them with other Staff.

    Of course in each of those cases, the Curia was implicated in this and "punished".

    The truth is that the membership, common or Curial never betrayed this site. The Staff (myself included) often did.

    However there is a big excuse for this: our relationship with ON, "the absentee landlord" and his employees. Staff was forced to partake in whispering wars, backstabbing, "palace coups" and plots upon plots to gain the favour of ON. The fact that exactly ON was the problem dawned on most of us very recently. Well, better late than never.

    Now ON does not exist anymore. Ian is not absentee and no one can whisper to his ear. But still the shadow of ON hangs above the site, hence all this collective numbness and indecision we witness in the past week. But more about this, later.

    Are there going to be many intense technical or administrative changes on TWC?

    Well, you should be asking the Hex (Hexagon council, an opaque and monolithic entity ruling the site as far as you and I are concerned according to my friend Sim).

    Anyway, Simetrical and Mimirswell are both extremely competent in technical aspects so TWC is covered from this aspect. The rest of the Hex are all "battle-hardened veterans", an excellent team-maybe the best in years-by all accounts.

    What they need to do is to trust themselves and shake off the ON feeling. That goes for Ian too. This is a new era and there is nothing to be afraid of.

    If we need to make administrative changes to maximize efficiency, I'm sure that this will be in consultation with all site members and especially with the modding community.

    And what does all this change mean for the members of TWC?

    At the moment, nothing. Tomorrow potentially everything. It is up to the members to demonstrate that they have the will and the maturity to be more actively involved to the inner workings of the site.

    What do the members want? On site hosting? More bandwidth? A say on moderation?

    It's all out there. Get involved and ask for it. Open a thread. Make a suggestion. Ask. Throw your ideas. The change means what the members want it to mean. There is no overlord, no "gray eminence" the staff is the friendliest they will ever find, so go for it!

    How best can the dedicated members of this site adapt to, and help in the current process of transformation?

    Two things: first trust the Staff and even if you feel you cannot at least give a benefit of doubt and a period of grace. I saw the other day ( two members exchanging blows in an off-topic discussion. The one, my friend professor420, is accusing the Staff of being authoritative a week into the changes while everything is still under discussion and the other my friend Simetrical gets irritated and gives the more authoritative type answers he could.

    This is not helpful.

    If you want to shape the future of TWC (and now I'm looking intensely towards the modders) get involved and speak your mind. Also a good idea will be to read the Syntagma ( so they know what all this mumbo jumbo is about.
    And for the sake of TWC, get rid of the subservient mentality the characterized the ON period and that goes mainly to the Staff.

    Once again, thanks for your time.

    Thank you for this opportunity, glad you didn't ask what Garbarsardar means and how did I got all this rep. That was a relief.


    In light of the massive transition that TWC is going through, the CVRIA is bustling with talk of change. Many ideas have been proposed. Discussion taking place on the design of new rank names, as well as discussion about how best to move forward with integrating the community in site politics, and broadening the scope of TWC's appeal.


    Voting is continuing as normal, the main pieces of legislation under vote currently are The Citizens Bill which aims to allow Civitates to once again be able to post, and vote within the Prothalamos, and the CVRIA voting forums.

    The second piece of legislation under vote is the “Removing Ridiculous Punishment for Patricians Bill”, which aims to adjust the Syntagma's rules about the patronization of new members, and the waiting period after having an attempted patronization fail.


    In summary it has been a time of great apprehension and change in the CVRIA, and we expect the site's new leadership to ring in an era of unprecedented TWC prosperity, and justice.

    A tour de force for the newest member of my journalistic staff, I feel, and an amazing piece all round. You may even want to re-read it! Now for a (probably controversial) new feature again: Page Three!

    Now, as advertised last issue, a picture will herein be published. That's right, something a reader has sent in for the express purpose of getting their photograph put into the Helios. We got a serious paucity of pictures last time and I hope for a greater response in future; all I am able to now do is present the winning image, a photograph submitted by imb39!

    As usual (or as is now usual, anyway!) we have some editorials for you, from Stalins Ghost and Siblesz. Just to shake things up, here's Siblesz' philosophical musings first, to be followed by Stalins Ghost.
    The Stroll

    I decided to stroll through the city one day as I had nothing else to do, as most often seems the case. I took a taxi to the center square of the city, and then started on my aimless quest. As a foreigner in China, I get many stares. Everyone always has a great interest for the laowai [foreigner]. This time, however, I decided that it was I that would do the staring. As I walked, many people passed me by. I analyzed each face delicately in each fleeting instance. I had the stare of nothing and everything at the same time, for my trajectory was trajectory itself. I looked through everything in my path and analyzed it all, not with detail, but in a kind of reverential and calming intake of color and form. I pierced right into the eyes of those who stared back at me, as if I had entered within them. One glance was all it took, and they knew me better than I could ever attempt to know myself.

    Most adults I stared at looked confused, as if I wanted something from them. I wanted nothing but to admire, to sense their souls, and walk on. The children, less tame, understood well. They pierced right back at me, and a deepened connection was immediately formed as we both met, not with eyes, but with spirit. And as quickly as the feeling came, quickly it left. As quickly as love formed, quickly it faded. Forgetfulness takes it with it, forever lost in repetition.

    Memory as we know it is a dream. The only reality is the stroke of this pen at this instance, which by the time you read this will also be a dream. Feeling, however, is eternal, for though it is forgotten as everything is forgotten and lost, it is re-enacted again and again exactly as it was before. The only variable of change is situation, but the feeling itself remains constant. Great joy and deep sadness remain intact, untouched by the dust of time. Nothing may change it, for emotion is at the root of humanity. It is our instinct, and thus also the instinct of the universe.

    As I walked in purposelessness, I was opened to every emotion in every face I saw. Whether one face was contorted in pain or ecstatic in joy, my face, like a mirror, absorbed their same depiction and reflected it unto them. I felt like they felt. They, looking back at me, smiled gently, understanding that they were not alone. I was not an individual when I walked; I was the all. I shared myself with one and all people. Yet I am no special being. We all possess it. In us is the reflection of the universe. In us is the same ultimate and unmeetable desire. Our lives and our ancestor's lives are but stories that relate this same desire, and our tragedy as men represent the hopelessness of surpassing it.

    Survival is what creates an individual. Thinking of the future and adapting to changing environments in order to delay the end, that is man's ultimate desire. And that desire is met with the ultimate truth. We know this only too well, but all of us hide that truth from ourselves. But that day, as I walked through the city's streets, I knew the truth only too well, and I hid it from no man. I was not me. I did not care for myself, I did not walk for myself. I walked for others, I cared for others. I was you. And as quickly as the feeling came, quickly it faded. As quickly as love formed, quickly it faded... And soon, I too returned to myself.

    The humble six string. Tool of the the Man to some, Arm of the Homeless to others, and for many one the most Emotive instruments on gods earth. But what constitutes real skill with it? Shredding those face melters faster than anyone else? Or bringing Soul Power to those strings? I bring you! The technical versus emotional song writing debate, as spurned on by the 10 greatest guitar players thread!

    The major difficulty with said debate, is that everyone has a view, and chances are one that they can't change. Its as subjective as the mostly interlinked subject of musical preference, so, quite simply, its hard to reach a conclusion, so the best thing to do, is to bring in some examples for your consideration. Starting with, my personal least favourite: The highly technical guitarists such as Yngwie Malmsteen, Steve Vai or Van Halen, who , no doubts about it are incredibly skilled guitarists. Their ilk are the kind that will never miss a fret like some Heavy Metal Machine, and can improvise basically any scale you can care to name. I can personally respect this, but I can't bare to listen to it! Fact! You didn't come here for objectivity folks! That said, I can understand why people do like such skill. It's very impressive for a start, and you can certainly see that the amount of sheer effort to get that good is definitely their to be appreciated. Indeed, I'm sure you could throw a tab at their feet and they'd be playing it, and throwing down licks and chops faster than you can Imagine.

    Conversely, on the other end of the scale you have icons such as Kurt Cobain, who couldn't not stretch much further than the power chord stage, yet was responsible for writing some of the most lasting songs of the early 90s. Smell's Like Teen Spirit has one of the most, if not the most iconic guitar riffs in history, the kind that people can pick up and play in days, maybe even a few hours of being introduced to the stringed one. I count it as being an emotional piece myself, not the kind of emotional, crying into the microphone kind, but pure aggression emotion. Its loud, its racaucious, and very representative of rebellious Teen Spirit. Then consider guitarists such as Slow Hand Clapton, who, quite honestly probably has more emotion in their playing style in his little finger than some technically proficient guitarists.

    It's really a subject that could go on for ages in reality, and I'm sure I could bring in more and more and more and more examples for your reading pleasure, but at the end of the day, its really down to the listener, or indeed the player to decide what you think makes the perfect axe man. My views are clear really, but indeed, You're Time has Come to think on it!

    I'm told those capitalisations all mean something... well, not to me, I admit...

    Final new feature just coming here.... the Editor's Pick

    Now, this is a new feature with a little explanation. I will be looking over the forums for my favourite post of the fortnight (ie, the gap between editions) and that post will, with the poster's express permission having been sought, be posted in the Helios. The post can be anything, and you can nominate a post for it, just PM me with the URL... no bribes accepted! The first is a wonderful one by Felixion in the immediate wake of our recent crisis, about the nature of TWC:
    Having witnessed the events that have transpired over the last week, a thought has been brought to my mind again and again. As we've all seen, criticized, and taken a part in, Total War Center can whip itself into a tumultuous and often unrestrained state. This can be caused by a number of things. A hacker, misuse of one's power or title, sometimes even harsh exchanges of words. When times like these present themselves, somewhere among the heaps of heated threads, and debates someone points something out. There's a point that is made so often in these times, and yet no one ever truly takes it into consideration, and many are deeply offended by it.

    "It's just a fansite, chill out."

    "This is an internet forum, remember that."

    "this isn't a real government, relax."

    These are quotes I have extrapolated from the archives of the SYMPOSIVM and the CVRIA. So, the question I ask is - why do we allow ourselves to become so termagant over events that take place in a "virtual reality". I think there is a reason, and that reason is this forum is just as much a tangible social reality than any other. Here, at TWC we share ourselves with the world. Our feelings, our thoughts, and our opinions. We express our problems to others, form friendships, and are affected by the exposure that TWC gives us to other people with other view points from all over the world. The true "reality" is that every post you read here at TWC was written by a person. A living, breathing person with a heartbeat like you or I. A person who sat at their desk and took the time to express to you what he or she was thinking. Here we have a governmental system that dictates how this social community runs. The way we organize the administration of this network of people is just as crucial, important, and real as any other administrative system. TWC is a home away from home for many. This is my belief, I ask you share yours.

    Still no letters, the mailbag feels a little let down.... come on!

    So that's us done here; thanks for reading, see you again in a fortnight, and now go and rep my reporters; they deserve it all over again, and our new one, Felixion, even more so!
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    Default Re: Helios 3: Revenge of the Helios

    I look on at this issue and think... Crikey, what talented people we have here. Another breath taking effort from all.

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    Default Re: Helios 3: Revenge of the Helios

    Eh sorry for no article Ozy, my bad...

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    Default Re: Helios 3: Revenge of the Helios

    Very good! It has all the info one could ask for.

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    Hope you all liked the YouTube Videos,some feedback would be nice.

    Not to pat our selves on the back but Great Work Team.
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    I apologise for not being able to hand in an article. Its exam time. So I will be unable to hand one in until the 14th of February.
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    Sehr gut mein freunden! I think I got that right.

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    Very good read, great to see the Helios back.

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    Default Re: Helios 3: Revenge of the Helios

    You Helios chaps never cease to amaze me.

    The sheer amount of worthwhile, substantial, and well-written articles released on a semi-regular basis is proof that the Total War Center is more than a mere fansite, and more than enough to put this delinquent editor to shame.

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    Wow. Amazing work all!

    In Patronicum sub Siblesz

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    v.nice folks keep up the good work!!
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    Hey, this is top-notch! I need to check in more regularily.
    The common culture of a tribe is a sign of its inner cohesion. But tribes are vanishing from the modern world, as are all forms of traditional society. Customs, practices, festivals, rituals and beliefs have acquired a flut and half-hearted quality which reflects our nomadic and rootless existence, predicated as we are on the global air-waves.

    ROGER SCRUTON, Modern Culture

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    Write Faster Johny Redcorn!\

    I need to read more! MORE!!!!

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    New Helios out tomorrow evening (which to you Yanks is tomorrow morning, I think)

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    Looking forward to it

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    Quote Originally Posted by MarcusCorneliusMarcellus View Post
    Looking forward to it
    ah tis already out , check the front page for it
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    They call this war a cloud over the land. But they made the weather and then they stand in the rain and say ****, it's raining!

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