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Thread: A new map and a new SPQR experience

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    What new changes to gameplay?
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    Some of the changes are:

    - reworked the entire north-west of Africa;
    - other changes here and there to the map, like changes to the road connections, some resource replacement, some towns or regions names corrections and other minor changes;
    - the latin hastati and latin principes have the same shield color, on the battlefield, as on the unit card;
    - some changes to the starting towns;
    - some buildings bonusses adjustments;
    - some regions base unrest adjustments;
    - changes to mercenaries recruitment pools;
    - changed the regions where you can recruit principes and triarii. The regions from where you can recruit them now are the regions held by the roman empire before the Marian reforms took place. There are some new regions from where you can recruit them now, but not that many as before;
    - because the ai does not recruit chariots and I didn't found any workaround I forced some chariots spawning through the script, for the sake of diversity;
    - the units which are spawned through the script, when you lay siege on a town, have now an +3 xp points;
    - corrected some units voice responses when you give them orders. There were some units which didn't respond upon receiving orders. There are also still some left without voice responses like many mercenaries units. But I think that those units need a complete new voice response. Not just generic ones, something more specific. Probably new voice responses needs to be recorded;
    - adjusted the win conditions for the romans;
    - added some starting ship fleets to the other factions, because sadly the ai does not build up fleets;
    - and probably other small adjustments which I have forgotten about.
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    Default Re: A new map and a new SPQR experience

    I'd love to try this via an official patch. Is there an ETA?
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