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Thread: Bugfixer for TWRR Barbarian Invasion

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    Default Bugfixer for TWRR Barbarian Invasion

    • I copied changes to TWRR files so as not to miss any Feral changes to the files.
      The original list is player1's. I've added DONE, NO and comments where appropriate.
      My appreciation to player1 for the work he did assembling the original fixes.
    • See for his original post.

      The Bugfixer for TWRR BI is available on Steam at

      There were many graphics and some sound changes made by player1 which are obsoleted by the graphics and sound changes made by Feral.

      ************* start here ***********************************
      Changes in export_descr_unit.txt file:

      DONE -Added missing cantabrian circle ability for Mercenary Sarmatian Archers, since Sarmatian Armoured Archers, as well as all other horse archer units, already have it
      DONE -Added warcry ability that was missing from Hun Steppe Swordsmen, considering that they are identical to Vandal Steppe Swordsmen that also have warcry

      Changes in export_descr_buildings.txt file:

      DONE -Added +1 experience bonus to Vandal Steppe Warriors trained in Royal Stables, since otherwise Royal Stables would have no benefit over Warlord's Stables
      DONE -Changed experience bonus British Legionaries gain in Urban Barracks from +1 to +2, since otherwise Urban Barracks would have no benefit over Army Barracks
      DONE by Feral -Made Bucellarii, Ballistae and Repeating Ballistae recruitable by Romano Britons in campaign, since they are already available for them in custom battles
      DONE -Removed law bonus from Mithras shrines, since otherwise Mithras temples have no real advantage over shrines (exempt pagan conversion bonus)
      DONE -Changed happiness bonus for Sacred Circles of Tyz and Morrigan from 10% to 15%, since these are only Sacred Circles that miss happiness advantage compared to Sacred Groves (making them underpowered)
      DONE -Fixed the bug when Hun, Nomad and Sassanid factions can't benefit from conquered higher level health buildings

      Changes in export_descr_ancillaries.txt file:

      DONE -Fixed bonuses for Bodyguard, Charioteer and Elder Senator retinue members, so they'll actually give bonus/penalty to Influence and not only affect public order
      DONE -Fixed trigger for Drinking Companion retinue member, so it can be gained at both Tavern and Bardic Circle like all other drinking related ancillaries and not just in Tavern
      DONE -Fixed Sassanid Turncoat ancillary, so it actually gives command bonus against Sassanids
      DONE -Fixed the bug when same governor could have both Sol Invictus and Mithras Priest in his retinue, due to a typo in ancillary exclusion list
      DONE -Fixed triggers for Navigator and Pilot ancillaries, so they can be gained by admirals
      DONE -Fixed Son of Chinglu title, so it can be awarded to 3 generals as intended

      Changes in export_descr_character_traits.txt file:

      DONE -Added anti-traits to some traits to prevent weird or impossible combinations
      DONE -Several anti-traits that worked in one direction fixed to work in both directions
      DONE -Added the workaround for a bug when gaining an anti-trait would reset trait value to 0 (instead of reducing it for value of anti-trait)
      DONE -Increased point awards in birth and adoption triggers for traits that need more then one point to get first level of the trait, so it's actually possible to gain those traits at character generation (expect more vices and virtues from new family members)
      DONE -Removed anti-traits for Intelligent line of traits, since characters shouldn't be able to lose intelligence over time
      DONE -Removed the trigger for gaining IndecisiveAttacker group of traits when ending turn in enemy zone of control, since trigger does not work as intended (it can fire even when you can't attack the enemy, or when you are besieging)
      DONE -Fixed a problem when IndecisiveAttacker traits could be gained if general withdraws when attacked by superior force (not indecisive, but smart)
      NO (this area was worked over by Feral so I left it alone) -Added partial workaround for a problem when auto-calculated siege battles would never give siege related traits to generals (one of four triggers fixed)
      DONE -Fixed bonuses for Sobriety like of traits, so they'll actually give penalty to Influence as intended and not only affect public order
      DONE -Fixed trigger for Logistical skill, so it can be gained by generals that move a lot
      DONE -Fixed trigger for BadTaxman line of traits, so it won't be awarded in situations when tax policy is best as it could be
      DONE -Made impossible for Roman leaders to gain points in Disloyal line of traits, since they can't rebel anyway
      DONE -Removed Roman culture requirement from trigger for refusing bribes, so that non-Romans can benefit from resisting bribes (by gaining levels in Upright line of traits that increase bribe resistance)
      DONE -Introduced two new birth triggers to make it possible that Intelligent and Genius characters could be born
      already DONE -Fixed Good/BadConspirator line of traits, so they can be gained by assassins
      DONE -Corrected sabotage triggers, so that they make more sense
      DONE -Fixed several agent creation triggers related to religious believes


      Already DONE -Added description for 3rd level barracks for Berber faction (export_buildings.txt)
      DONE -Changed Berber cultural designation from Carthaginian to Berber, so formerly Berber controlled cities won't report Carthaginian culture (expanded_bi.txt)
      DONE by Feral -Fixed battle advisor icon for Berber faction, so it has correct eastern advisor and not Roman one (added correctly named battlemap.tga)
      DONE -Fixed the bug when some soldiers would die when exiting medium siege towers (descr_engines.txt)
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    Default Re: Bugfixer for TWRR Barbarian Invasion

    Great idea porting those bits, thank you! I'll check this out for the stuff we're modding currently

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