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    A mod for Mtw1 Gold, ver 2.01. It has several changes related to the AI performance on the campaign map, unit costs, unit parameters and a bunch of new units. Some units' sprites are a bit messed up, and some help would be much appreciated.

    To install, unzip the file anywhere you like, grab all the stuff inside the MTWO folder and paste it into your main MTW1 Gold folder.


    - Improved campaign AI related to economy and unit training ( the AI didn't perform very well in vanilla game, raising a lot of paesants and militiamen, now they will raise better armies and build a more solid economy )
    - Edited unit costs and upkeep according to their fighting abilities ( which means, stronger units are more expensive, weak units are cheaper than vanilla )
    - Fixed some units parameters according to personal tastes (
    - Fixed some building parameters
    - A bunch of new units added ( like, french paladins, klibanophoroi, latin auxilliares, balkan warbands and a few more )

    The mod is mainly focused on gameplay rather than adding new stuff like more factions, regions, buildings etc...

    Enjoy and report if you like. Some help in fixing the messed up units' sprites would be appreciated.

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    Uh i forgot about them foot knights and some other units like almughavars being recruitable. Here is the fix. Copy paste into your main MTW Gold folder.
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    Congratulations on releasing your mod, dear. I am planning to try it out as soon as I have some free time. Thanks for your efforts.

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