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Thread: No AI agents in the campaign (1.2.8.a)?

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    Default No AI agents in the campaign (1.2.8.a)?

    Hello, just want to inform myself if somebody else has the same observation. I am running the 1.2.8a-version and everything is working as intended, I guess, but there are no AI-agents anywhere. I am not sure if that is only in my campaign because of a submod conflict. I had AVR-agents (now disabled), Dardos AE and cultural tension and then the UMC-Legions. Beside that Benjin´s generals. Previous campaigns on earlier DEI-versions had always plenty of AI-agents and now it is better to have none in comparison. I myself can recruit all agents as usual. Unfortunately the mod which disables the FOW is not working therefore I can not say for sure if there are no AI-agents but I conquered half of the map so far. There was a patch-log that agents were reduced but as I said I see not one...?

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    Default Re: No AI agents in the campaign (1.2.8.a)?


    There must be some conflicts beetween DEI and your submods. In version 1.2.8a AI factions, especially in your neighborhood, sends plenty of agents to disturb your territorial managing and conquests...

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