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Thread: What Roman faction do you recommend in Imperator Augustus campaign?

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    Default What Roman faction do you recommend in Imperator Augustus campaign?

    And what are your reasons to recommend a particular Roman faction in Imperator Augustus?
    Is it possible to make the rest of the Roman factions your military allies? Of course you'll make them your client states when you are about to take their last city ( because it gives you the option to make them your client states instead of capturing the city )
    I'd really like to make them my military allies so that all the Romans fight united against the rest of the non-roman factions. But maybe a problem with making them either your military allies or client states is that they might involve into a war against factions you don't want to fight ( at least not at the moment ) because you trade with them and they also serve you as a distraction for other enemies. And perhaps those roman factions refuse to get involved in a war you start against a non-roman faction. I want to have them as either my military allies or client states if they are going to get involved in all my wars and if they don't get into war against factions with whom I have non-agression and trade agreements.

    And as to the original question of this thread, what is the Roman faction that might be suitable for my goal described above?
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    Default Re: What Roman faction do you recommend in Imperator Augustus campaign?


    All joking aside, Pompey's Rome will be the most fun you'll have as a Roman faction. It's a bit of a cheese move, but you can get the other three Roman factions to break off their alliances at turn one, then wait things out as you build up your starting provinces. I've always found Lepidus to be the best ally option due to the tendency to go to war with Antony (who you'll want to face to eat up all that juicy territory). Octavian's Rome is probably the easiest to take out on your own since they'll mostly be at war with barbarians and Lepidus. My usual go-to is to go right up the boot of Italy and take Rome once I get my economy in good shape (supporting at least two armies).

    Trying to get all the Romans to ally is impossible because they start out with, like, -300 relations with each other, and all it takes is you or the AI to break off the alliances before all hell breaks loose. Your best off picking an ally among the four and take out/subjugate the other two. For this, Lepidus and Pompey have the easier time with this for expansion reasons.

    If you don't fancy a Roman faction, you don't have much of a choice for fun factions outside of Armenia and Dacia. The former is in a great starting location and you can sit back and watch Parthia and Antony's Rome go at each other's throats before steamrolling either (I'd recommend blitzing Parthia once they spread themselves too thin in a war with Antony. It gives you time to recuperate before turning your attention elsewhere). Dacia is a fun faction because you have a difficult starting position and not a lot of options for allies. Your not helpless, but you need to plan carefully before expanding into Roman territory as the Germans are NOT your friends.
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    Default Re: What Roman faction do you recommend in Imperator Augustus campaign?

    Thanks for your recommendation. I'll try to see how it goes.
    Since you say playing as Pompey's Rome is the best recommended Roman faction, I suppose the hardest one to choose is Octavian's Rome.

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