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Thread: CTD after battles and during AI'S turn

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    Default CTD after battles and during AI'S turn

    hi, ive been experiencing CTD quite regularly after battles, and also during the Ai turns.
    I have been waiting till the music stops before clicking the proceed button after the battles.
    After removing the FOW so i could watch the AI turn, it seems the ctd's happen when they attack and capture a settlement.
    don't know if I've compressed and uploaded the error log correctly, apologizes if i havnt, but 1st post ever, and its all a tad confusing to an old fart like myself, so fingers crossed.
    anyway, if it has worked, i hope it helps. thxs
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    Default Re: CTD after battles and during AI'S turn

    this is the error log for the AI's turn.
    it is 90% this factions turn when it CTD.
    this is all with the latest EB build, and the latest patch.
    using medieval through steam, on windows 10.
    and installed as per the instructions, all on a separate drive.
    i am also running medieval through the win 7 compatibility thing, and have turned the textures down to low.
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    Default Re: CTD after battles and during AI'S turn

    started playing EB this morning again, lovely.
    then the after battle crashes started happening again.
    so after reading through a few topics in here, i realised i didn't have java 8 installed, resulting in the windowed mode not working.

    now I've just installed java 8, i run the windowed mode switcher thing in the eb folder.
    lovely i thought.
    now the game wont start!! as its saying MEDIVAL 2 needs to be ELEVATED?? any ideas anybody?

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    Default Re: CTD after battles and during AI'S turn

    For errors after battles, you can click on one of the links of my sig (for the solution that cannot be named...)

    I did a quick search for the error in your first log ("BATTLE_MAP_AREAS point not inside any area"), but nobody seems have an answer for this.

    No idea for java, maybe try with/without admin rights?

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    Default Re: CTD after battles and during AI'S turn

    thankyou Erken for looking and replying.
    your suggestion of running it with admin rights fixed that issue of needing to be "elevated"
    But running it in that windowed mode was horrible. it was just nasty, and didn't help at all actually, trying to fight battles was near on impossible, and if i did survive, it still CTD anyway!!

    so after re-installing EB, i decided not to install the latest patch and update, as it just seems to unstable, and in the error logs at the bottom, it just says "see charlie". mehhhhh
    also the lack of diplomacy in the update just gets monotonous, with the constant ceasefire agreements then the war announcement's.

    also your suggestion about the possible after battle CTD solution, works like a frigging dream!!

    now i am not tech savey at all.. man, i get confused just getting out of bed in the mornings now at my age!! so i had no idea what one i should do..
    so i tried the easy one 1st..
    o my days, i am now turn 46 and i haven't had 1 CTD at all.
    not after battles, not during the AI turn.
    now turn 46 might not seem a lot, but i have now fought several battles with reinforcement's and its just worked.
    so to go from fighting every battle 2 sometimes 3 times to now just once is epic.... nice one fella. thankyou

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    Default Re: CTD after battles and during AI'S turn

    thought i would just give a little update.
    down loaded and installed the new update and patch..
    game is super stable, no CTD after 55 turns..
    not after battles, not during the AI turn.

    though i do believe ive stumbled across a BUG..
    i managed to infiltrate a city with my top spy, it said he had a 80% chance to open the gates.
    so i steamed in and besieged the said city.
    now it showed that he had indeed opened the gates and i was able to commence into the siege battle straight away, that same turn, without having to build any siege equipment.
    unfortunately when the battle started, the said gates were not actually open!!
    i started the battle and still nothing.
    i couldn't assault as i had no siege equipment,, had to exit out the battle and insult to injury i lost a load of troops...
    i am guessing that is a bug??
    anyway, thxs

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    Default Re: CTD after battles and during AI'S turn

    Cool if it works. If i am not wrong the thing that cannot be named will be included in a next release, even if mention it will still be prohibited(xD)

    Never seen this bug with the spy before. If the gates were not unlocked by him, the battle would have automatically ended i guess, in the absence of siege engines (at least this is the case in other situations).
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    Default Re: CTD after battles and during AI'S turn

    IRRC the gates only open when your units are near them.

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    Default Re: CTD after battles and during AI'S turn

    ahhhh. mannnn.
    that's useful to know. thankyou Domaje.

    @Erken that inclusion of the fix included in the next update is a very sensible decision imo.
    i am now at turn 105 and i have still had 0 CTD's, and that's using the latest EB build..
    great work guys. thxs

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