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Thread: Economy in EB 2.35

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    Default Economy in EB 2.35

    This topic is for information and strategies regarding economy managment. Making an empire means wars and we all know wars means money, a lots of money. I hope that we will have many useful informations about how to build the best lucrative network of rich cities.

    So for a star I have a question.
    Which cities in EB2 2.35 gives the most money (regarding tax, trade, farms/herds and mines)?

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    In general, most cities in EB2 capable of reaching huge can make in excess of 3000 gold per turn with the proper governors in place.

    There are a few very wealthy settlements around in EB2 but the true aim of your economic policy is to build up networks of rich cities to really rake in the cash.

    Look at this trend for starters:

    Quote Originally Posted by realm56 View Post
    From your campaign experiences, which settlements or cluster of settlements generate significant amounts of wealth ?

    From mine so far:
    • Western Anatolia and eastern Hellas + Pella
    • Cluster of Baktria, Paparomissdai, Alexandria Margane, Alexandria Ariana, Maracandra.
    • Cluster of Susa, Seleukia, Persopolis, Ekbatana and the settlement in Gabine whose name I forgot ().
    • Antioch, Salamis and Akko.
    • Cluster of Alexandria Memphis, Thebes and Pleksis.
    • All of Italia proper.
    • Karthadast and all of Sicily.

    Anywhere else?
    Quote Originally Posted by Shoebopp View Post
    Transalpine Gaul has got a strip of good mines from Bibactre in the west to Streuintia in the east. Sadly those regions are landlocked
    Quote Originally Posted by realm56 View Post
    There are a few extra that I neglected to add to my previous list:
    • Dardanion (A nice long term acquisition for Makedonia)
    • Epidamnos/Dyrrachium (Useful for any power in Hellas)
    • Armavir (Crucial for Hayastan to keep and develop)
    • Kabula (Good mines and sound stretegic location but a pain to keep for anyone except the Getai ?)
    • All of India (Especally Patala and Opiana)
    • Hekatompylos (Very hard to develop for anyone except Pahlava, Saka Rauka, Pontos and Hayastan)
    • Delminion (Good mines but hard to develop as it is a camp)
    • Rekem, Tadmur (when both are converted to settlements) and Dedan once heavily developed (Most relevant to Nabataea).

    ps: The name of the settlement that I had forgotten was Gabiene.
    Quote Originally Posted by Sarkiss View Post
    i played many a campaign (though admittedly none of them as Rome, so cant judge Italian wealth) and one of the richest if not the richest spots is the cluster of cities in western Asia Minor: Pergamon, Sardis, Ipsos, Nikiai, Ephesus, Halicarnasos. once you upgrade economic infrastructure there, and mines in particular, you are unstoppable and can field armies that match those of factions twice, thrice your size. a very solid economic core for an empire, not to mention the fact that phalangites are also recruitable there.
    Quote Originally Posted by realm56 View Post
    A few more to add to the list (Can generate 4000+ gold per turn):
    Quote Originally Posted by Camcolit View Post
    It's not so much the wealth of a settlement but what kind of government you can put there. Any settlement you can build everything in is going to be large and rich (which imo hurts the game).

    My personal record is with Persepolis which was generating over 11k/turn with a good governor, normal tax rate.
    I hope this is enough to get that bright shining star

    PS: 2.35 is old news now, 2.35A R3.5 is the latest update to the mod .
    To fight and conquer in all our battles is not supreme excellence; supreme excellence consists in breaking the enemy's resistance without fighting.
    - Sun Tzu

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    The above post basically nailed it but due to long construction time here is my economy priority.

    .Road (land trade can be just as good as sea trade while being both the cheapest and shortest to build of all good economy option)
    .Mines with income more than 600 (expensive and time consuming to install but will generate large income once finished and there are many trait that further increase mining income by either building or govern a city with mine)
    .Port(expensive and time consuming somewhat lackluster if you don't own many coastal town to trade but it will escalate your income once you do. Upgrading more than small port is usually not worth it unless you want to build war and royal fleet)

    Also market although an economy building are only built so you can build lv2school rather than for economic reason and building large market or above should only be done where corruption is zero as their trade bonus are not good enough to offset law decrease.

    Talking about economy makes me wonder if Carthage trade colony would be more effecrive if it gives sea fleet instead rather than a measly trade bonus

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    Default Re: Economy in EB 2.35

    Quote Originally Posted by eyelurker View Post
    Talking about economy makes me wonder if Carthage trade colony would be more effecrive if it gives sea fleet instead rather than a measly trade bonus
    sea fleets are hardcoded to ports. no other building can provide them, the code is broken.

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    Well-timed conquest is its own successful economic policy. Sack those towns to pay for your armies and infrastructure back home. Don't forget to grab a souvenir while you're at it - something that'll look good hanging over the hearth.

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