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Thread: governments and building trees

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    Default governments and building trees

    I played a great Baktria campaign and everything seems to work as it should.

    However, with KH, the building trees and government types seem backward. After the congress, the premier government type you build for cities like Athens and Korinthos does not allow you to build a large granary and other metropolis-like buildings. It also seems like this government type prevents you from upgrading a polis to a metropolis.

    Further north, where the % of hellenistic politics is decreased, you can build a supervised hellenic administration and the building tree is expanded. Moreover, it allows you to upgrade cities.

    FYI, thanks.

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    Default Re: governments and building trees

    A little correction:

    With more testing it seems like KH can never upgrade a minor polis to a polis, or a polis to a metropolis, regardless of government type.

    Upgrading a polis works fine with Pergamon and Baktria.

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    Default Re: governments and building trees

    This is strange.

    Koinnon hellenon cannot build colony or new polis but they can upgrade polis.

    Edit: oh nevermind it's an old 2015 post. Sorry.

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