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Thread: Historical/TBTM battle scenes in Mythic mode

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    Default Historical/TBTM battle scenes in Mythic mode

    Hi! I'm not sure how difficult would it be to mod this, but I was wondering if anyone was planning to make a mod that makes it so whenever you play a battle in mythic mode, you get a battle map from the other modes.

    I really appreciate they creativity they put on these new battle maps with mythical creatures and more fantastic ruins, but I think they are a bit too much and too big for me, especially things like the GIGANTIC bones and "armor" scattered around in the distance (See picture below). I wouldn't mind if they were smaller, and/or a bit harder to spot, but as they are now they are too exaggerated. If anything, I'd keep maps like these exclusively for the mythic events like the final expedition battles for instance.

    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    Anyway, that's about it, it sounds simple, and if there's a relatively easy way to do it, I wouldn't mind giving it a shot, but I honestly have no experience modding TW, especially the newer games.


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    Default Re: Historical/TBTM battle scenes in Mythic mode

    Not sure but battle map are inserted into map logic usually
    don't think would be an easy thing to be done

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