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Thread: A very important war that is completely burried by news media

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    Default A very important war that is completely burried by news media

    New York Times.

    Long story short. Tigrayans had the dictatorial power in Ethiopia for around 30 years, from 1991 to 2018. In 2018 a revolution overthrew the regime and the balance of power shifted away from Tigray people to the Oromo. In November of 2020 Tigray people staged a full blown revolt against the new regime which sent forces in the area, aided by the military forces of Eritrea. The government managed to capture the capital of the Tigray resistance but then, in a stunning turn of events, Tigray forces crashed the Ethiopian army and recaptured the capital and the majority of their province. Since then that are on the offensive capturing areas in the province of Afar and Amhara. More recently the Ethiopian army managed to defeat the rebels in Afar but they still are advancing in Amhara region. To put it simply Ethiopia has become a new Syria and there are many reports about horrific massacres from both sides.

    The question is what can the rebels do since their areas are landlocked and they are surrounded by enemies. I do fear that we will see a huge humanitarian catastrophe since those are overpopulated areas and a prolonged military conflict will lead to mass starvation

    Green are the forces of Tigray
    Red are the forces of Ethiopia
    Blue are the forces of Eritrea that occupy small portions of Tigray province
    Gray are the parts of Tigray province occupied Amhara forces that are allied to the Ethiopian military

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    Default Re: A very important war that is completely burried by news media

    Not sure I would say 'Buried', just really not important unless to are from the region or live in it.

    You might be right on the results but there is no particularity good option for response outside of some consensus internationally to and try get a partition. If independent Tigray would in theory have an open border with Egypt even it remained locked in cold war with Ethiopia and Eritrea (not sure what they saw the percentage was in getting involved). Not sure with COVID anyone who can or could has any appetite for some kind of active intervention even just old school UN blue helmet stuff.
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