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Thread: Discord ?

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    Default Discord ?

    Why is this forum such a wasteland ? There are very few posts, although Warhammer II is not so old, and Warhammer III is coming soon...
    Is there a Discord server for Warhammer TW where people meet ?

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    Default Re: Discord ?

    People were discussing Warhammer III during the summer, I guess you missed that discussion. I saw your thread asking about the final battle in the Vortex campaign - I didn't reply because I play Mortal Empires, so I don't know the answer. Have you found guides for the Vortex campaign on YouTube or other gaming sites? I found this guide for example, I don't know if it's up to date. Are there any guides that you'd recommend?

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    I found a solution to win the final battle, I will post it in the relevant thread. Thanks for answering. Is there some discord server, then ?

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    Default Re: Discord ?

    There is discord, I'm not sure there is good quality of discussion there. The official forum is awful, mostly useless threads (like everyday you get several threads asking if people think CA will give news this day...), with lots of anger and agressivitiy.
    Discussions here are of a better quality, unfortunately the forum has almost been deserted. I'm the only active modder, but I wonder if I should continue posting here since I get virtually 0 feedback

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