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    Playing Saba, I layed siege to Shabwat, AI spawns stack from Najran. The stack lays siege to Maryab for one turn, then abandons. Comes back, somehow initiates battle but loses right away (I'm guessing due to due to no siege equipment)

    I loaded save and this time layed siege to Najran, AI spawns stack in Shabwat. Same behavior (siege for one turn, goes away, then starts battle and loses.

    I'm sure my soldiers love the victory without blood, but is this bug or are they just afraid of my archers.....


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    It's a M2TW bug. You answered all your questions in your first paragraph. The only way to play it "fair" is to sally forth when the relief force besieges Maryab, but that's an unwinnable battle. Until the EBII team finds a different way to simulate the southern Arabian system of alliances, nothing can be really done.

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    I don't mind the stack spawn, but was hoping to have defensive battle (defenders mostly the light archers and a few spearmen). Not a balanced force for a fight in the open....

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