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Thread: 2021 Hotseat Awards: Nomination Thread

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    Default 2021 Hotseat Awards: Nomination Thread

    Hotseat Awards!

    2021 TWC Hotseat Awards

    It is time for the 8th annual TWC hotseat awards!

    The Award Categories

    Most Feared Commander
    Who makes everyone tremble with fear when they face him in hotseats? Who is the best player in autoresolve hotseats?

    Most Competent Tactician
    Who can destroy numerous armies and factions in a single turn with a few good units? Who would you never dare to face in hotseat with manual battles allowed?

    Most Chivalrous Commander
    Who always keeps his promises and alliances? Who would rather die, than betray his ally?

    Most Devious Commander
    Who is the greatest betrayer? Who would do everything to win, including betraying his closest allies? Who would you never make an alliance with?

    Most Promising Newblood
    Who is the best new guy? Who was holding his own against other players in his first hotseats? Who learnt the hotseating art the fastest?

    Best Roleplayer
    Who puts realism and roleplay at first place, restricting himself to what his characters would do, instead of what might be better for his faction?

    Best Diplomat
    Who is the best at winning with the quill rather than the sword? Who can convince even his worst enemy to help him, or turn everyone against you?

    Best Hotseat Admin
    Who is the best administrator? Whose hotseats are you always looking forward to joining?

    How it works

    Each player can nominate up to three other players for each category.
    Use the nomination thread for each category for posting your nominations, polls will be added at a later time once nominations are tallied.
    You can nominate the same player for different awards, but you cannot nominate yourself.
    A player must receive 3 nominations to be included in the voting phase. Exceptions may be made depending on overall number of nominations, at the discretion of gaming staff.

    Nominations shall be open for a period of two week, with a voting period of two week to follow.


    Winners shall receive an awesome signature created by Art Staff and will get +50 rep.
    Runner ups will receive +25 and +10 reputation respectively.
    In the event of any member winning multiple categories will receive +25 rep aswell
    Lastly the winners of 1st place receive a special role on the Hub server in addition.

    Some things to remember:

    You can only nominate players who have played in a hotseat in TWC community in the last 6 months.
    Remember that it is not allowed to create new accounts and vote on yourself, if we detect this then you will be banned from the entire hotseat area forever.
    All players from all communities may participate.

    Rules and Regulation
    1: No self-nomination/voting. Self-votes/nominations will be discarded from the results.2: No creating secondary accounts to vote. We can and will detect this and act accordingly.
    3: For Most Promising Newblood a member is allowed to be nominated only if he has started hotseating after August 2020.
    4: The ruling of respective Gaming Staff on any matter related to the awards is final! If you've any questions, please feel free to contact us.
    5: Please keep this thread strictly for nominations only. If you have any questions or comments please post them in the Discussion Thread. Non-nomination posts will be deleted.

    Gaming Staff counsels civility. We allow (unlike many TWC site awards) expression of opinion on categories and/or reasons for ones decision but will not tolerate uncivil or outright insulting and/or demeaning behaviour. This freedom to discuss is a privilege that few if any TWC awards offer and is something that can and will be taken away if abused.

    Have fun and may the most worthy contenders win!

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    Default Re: 2021 Hotseat Awards: Nomination Thread

    Most Feared Commander: Riverknight, jimmy_dude, Arrow2daknee
    Most Competent Tactician: jimmy_dude, boernin, Francisco22
    Most Chivalrious Commander: jimmy_dude
    Most Devious Commander: Jadli (not devious per say, but I really didn't like the pre war time in Black Drake with you)
    Most Promising Newblood: Ural, The Real Tom, Sheep Whisperer
    Best Roleplayer: pbob, as always
    Best Diplomat: Jadli
    Best Hotseat Admin: Jadli, Dragon.

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    Default Re: 2021 Hotseat Awards: Nomination Thread

    Time of the year again...

    (WIP, too many vets, hard to choose )
    Most Feared Commander: ​Mergor (yea, you got me good with coastal ship tiles in BD ), Potatoto, Dr Mac
    Most Competent Tactician:
    jimmy_dude, Ventos Mustel, boernin
    Most Chivalrous Commander:
    Isenbard, Arrow2daknee, Chieftain Khuzaymah
    Most Devious Commander:
    Mergor, youneuoy, Tiefling Overlord
    Most Promising Newblood:
    reaktorkern, Ural, sheep_whisperer
    Best Roleplayer:
    paladinbob, Der Bose Wolf, Turkafinwe
    Best Diplomat:
    Xamax, Mergor, Alertoverlord
    Best Hotseat Admin:
    Mergor, General Dragon., Chieftain Khuzaymah

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    Default Re: 2021 Hotseat Awards: Nomination Thread

    most of my time is spent on the few hotseats i am still in, rather than in the discord, so i dont really have a overall picture of the best choices here..but i will choose where i can

    Most Feared Commander: ​ Mergor, [i guess , his recent ship combat in black drake was kinda devastating...its a shame ramble has gone, otherwise he would probably be here for me]
    Most Competent Tactician: jimmy_dude [seems to be consensus from the two above, and been kinda quiet on the manual playing side for me, so i will go with their wiser choice]
    Most Chivalrous Commander:
    Der Bose Wolf [always been polite and aware of keeping things going , and pushing things when they needed to be pushed forward]
    Most Devious Commander: Peaman
    [for me , after his strike in black drake against the clan of crowns [winks]
    Most Promising Newblood:
    Ural, Sheep Whisperer [seems to be choices from above, and they are closer than i to the community , so who i am to disprove that choice]
    Best Roleplayer:
    Der Bose Wolf
    [for me, has been a bit more active&enthusiastic than turk this year], Turkafinwe , Isenbard [he has some nice pieces on black drake which are worthy of mention -edited]
    Best Diplomat:
    Turkafinwe [for me..he has been the most patient player, that i have seen this year, and is equal to any challenges in diplomacy that has comeup
    Best Hotseat Admin: Jadli , [i think this year...although to be honest, we really need a injection of new admins and new hotseat campaigns with perhaps a flavor of something a little different,to spice things up]
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    Default Re: 2021 Hotseat Awards: Nomination Thread

    I only really follow what's going on in the two hotseats I play but I'll nominate to the best I can.

    Most Feared Commander: AdmiralThrawn (made some cool moves in Old Guard as Lannister), Riverknight, Mergor
    Most Competent Tactician:
    Most Chivalrous Commander: Turkafinwe (Always has my back in QS), Paladinbob
    Most Devious Commander:
    Most Promising Newblood: (I literally don't know who is considered a newblood these days)
    Best Roleplayer: Paladinbob, General Dragon, Captain Melon
    Best Diplomat: Mergor, AdmiralThrawn, Riverknight
    Best Hotseat Admin: Chieftain Khuzaymah, Jadli, General Dragon

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    Default Re: 2021 Hotseat Awards: Nomination Thread

    Feared Commander : Francisco Ramble Redstar
    Tactician Mergor BerryKnight Boernin
    Chivalrous Nominal CaptainNorway RedBoosty
    Devious Isenbard Paladin Alert
    Promising -
    RP -
    Diplomat Giagos
    Admin Eternus Jadli Themz
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    Default Re: 2021 Hotseat Awards: Nomination Thread

    Only in one active hotseat, so I can only base my nomination on who I've played with over the very brief couple of months I've been back.

    Most Feared Commander: Arrow2daknee
    Most Competent Tactician: Alert did very well in Beggar King.
    Most Chivalrious Commander: N/A
    Most Devious Commander: AdmiralThrawn
    Most Promising Newblood: Not sure if I've played with any
    Best Roleplayer: Alertoverlord
    Best Diplomat: Mergor
    Best Hotseat Admin: Chieftain Khuzaymah

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    Default Re: 2021 Hotseat Awards: Nomination Thread

    Most Feared Commander: Ventos Mustel (always him, even though I am undefeated in hotseats against him )
    Most Competent Tactician: Jimmydude and Riverknight I nominate here
    Most Chivalrious Commander: Does Chivalry exist anymore?!?! Here I recommend CaptainNorway
    Most Devious Commander: Francisco without a doubt
    Most Promising Newblood: Dr. Mac, he's a new face around here and I think he has shown some competency against these veterans he's played against.
    Best Roleplayer: Adanedhel
    Best Diplomat: HolyBlunt and Sheep_whisperer both get my nomination here
    Best Hotseat Admin: Jimmy dude (He's really done an incredible job of keeping up with admining on top of all of his hotseats he currently plays, I think this should be rewarded and noticed)
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    Default Re: 2021 Hotseat Awards: Nomination Thread

    Most Feared Commander: Jimmydude, francisco,boernin
    Most Competent Tactician: jimmy_dude, boernin, Francisco22
    Most Chivalrious Commander: jimmy_dude, danny alex
    Most Devious Commander:
    Most Promising Newblood: Sheep Whisperer
    Best Roleplayer: Danny Alex
    Best Diplomat: Francisco
    Best Hotseat Admin: Jadli

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    Default Re: 2021 Hotseat Awards: Nomination Thread

    These are from the few hotseats that I am currently playing here.

    Most Feared Commander: Mergor, Potatoto, General Dragon - They make me triple check everything and still manage to mess me up
    Most Competent Tactician: jimmy_dude - Has made my day miserable a few times by absolutely smashing my forces in MR without a sweat
    Most Chivalrious Commander: Jadli, Francisco, CaptainNorway - A lot of helping and honorable honorings from these fine gentlemen
    Most Devious Commander - Mergor - Quite literally, he will use everything available to him to gain an advantage, and I can't keep up
    Most Promising Newblood: sluzavyblin, Arya210, Ural - Their actions look really promising, and I look forward to see how they will manage in the future
    Best Roleplayer: Paladinbob, Mergor - Most interesting stuff from these two, especially when whooping my ass
    Best Diplomat: Francisco, Arya210, Dr Mac - These guys don't shy away from reaching out and discussing about common affairs
    Best Hotseat Admin: Jadli - I haven't had as much fun in any other hotseats. He knows what's good
    Mergor - Always keeping it real. Genuinely interested in the opinions and ideas of the players and the community.

    That's that

    Edit: Made the names stand out with bold.
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    Default Re: 2021 Hotseat Awards: Nomination Thread

    I'm doing these according to hotseats on the hotseating hub as well as TWC ones since I haven't played a ton on here

    Most Feared Commander: francisco: he put me through quite the experience in hubSS, made all sorts of crazy moves I would have never thought of to keep me on edge.
    Most Competent Tactician: redstar: he's put forth the best manual results I've seen. boernin: always seems to win battles with absolutely minimal casualties, pretty much expert level at MR
    Most Chivalrious Commander: Danny: Haven't played with him a ton but when I have, he's always very honorable
    Most Devious Commander - Sheep_whisperer. I've seen him betray people directly and persuade other players to join him and betray their allies.
    Most Promising Newblood: sheep_whisperer, Ural: both have played well so far
    Best Roleplayer: Paladinbob: Been awhile since I've played with him but from what I understand he's still really into the roleplay
    Best Diplomat: Francisco - His diplomatic plans are without equal. His diplomacy, which I've seen mostly in hubss (and in AI battles hs so far), has so many layers and all but ensures he has the advantage when it works
    Best Hotseat Admin: Mergor, Jadli: In my experience, both of them make fair decisions and have well-run hotseats that are exciting to play in.

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    Default Re: 2021 Hotseat Awards: Nomination Thread

    I will be counting the nominations tomorrow and start the voting phase, but before, that let me give my nominations, as the last one, unless someone wishes to give before I close it .

    Most Feared Commander: Jimmy_dude, Mergor, Francisco

    Most Competent Tactician: Jimmy_dude, Mergor, Francisco
    (Not only I very much would like to play with them instead of againts in any way, as they are all great players, they most likely will be kings in manual battles.)
    Most Chivalrious Commander: Captainnorway, DannyAlex, Paladinbob(while norway can be sometimes a little bit dicey regarding "trust", as in the past he sometimes pulled some backstab, however for a long time now, he hasn't done any of that, so he gets here. Pbob and Danny, ever since I knew them, they follow their "principals" and keep whatever agreement you made with them, as long as it is valid and should it expire, they will keep a neutral stance and not use the situation againts you.)
    Most Devious Commander: Mergor, Francisco, Alertoverlord (While Mergor can be trusted, indeed he pulled some double-cross tricks aswell, so he gets here, for Francisco as far as I can say, he is the one, I would always suspect to be doing things for his own interest and also here for the backstab in Athelstan hotseat. Lastly I put alert here, because I remember the older times, he sometimes used to do that and people rarely change )
    Most Promising Newblood: I haven't played much with any of the latest newcomers, so I will leave the judgement to the others.
    Best Roleplayer: Paladinbob, Der Böse Wolf, Turkafinwe (always good to read their roleplay messages, posts and stories, whenever I have some free time to dig into the "feels")
    Best Diplomat: Mergor, Francisco (just as I nominated them for Most Devious, these two also deserves Best Diplomat, because oh boy, can they talk and twist words, that eventually you fall for them)
    Best Hotseat Admin: Jadli, Mergor, Chieftain Khuzaymah (As always they are doing a very good job, keeping their hotseats on the watch, trying the best for them to ensure good flow of the turns, while also keeping the rules in check and judging fairly, should something come up.)
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