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Thread: Chrissant's Persian Glory & Achaemenid Restoration

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    Icon1 Chrissant's Persian Glory & Achaemenid Restoration

    Persian Glory & Achaemenid Restoration (BETA)


    So long have you closet fanboys in the back waited for a tested and true restoration of Achaemenid Persia to show itself in DEI. Wait no more.
    This mod overhauls Media Atropatene, DEI's de facto Persian successor faction which is quite strong enough with a decent start as is, but in my humble opinion, has too many pajamas and not enough pizzazz.
    And so I bring to you the following changes:

    • Media Atropatene now has +1 cavalry recruitment rank, +4 sanitation bonus to all settlements, +15 diplomatic bonuses with Eastern and Hellenic factions, +100% trade tariffs from vassals, -25% public order penalty from foreign cultures, but 10% additional naval recruitment costs and +50% public order penalty from slavery. All in all a tweaked amalgamation of traits from other eastern factions as well as the existing ones. I am aware this is way too OP and will be tweaked in the future.
    • Several Eastern public buildings has had their effects slightly tweaked for a more immersive experience, with the most important change being the addition of movement speed for both hostile and friendly armies within a province upon building the Royal Roads tree, as well as the addition of trade tariffs from client states for each lvl 3 and above Satrapal Palace/Court you construct. Eastern temples and city chains will also be slightly tweaked in the future.
    • Tweaks to the Eastern Satrapal Kingdom government type to have -20% public order penalty from foreign cultures, and +100% trade tariffs from vassals. Further tweaks and changes will be made in the future.
    • Several key regions throughout the East, and especially wonders or citadels that used to play prominent roles under Achaemenid rule has been given new effects. For example, Ekbatana has an integrated 350 commercial income and a +5% melee defense to heavy spearmen. Since these effects generally result in a very OP experience, I will tweak them in the future.
    • Thanks to Jake, who provided the Achaemenid Persian banner from the DEI Alexander submod, Media Atropatene's banner was thus replaced with the more archaic and ominous Persian Hawk. Note that the newly added factions effects have not been added to the descriptions yet. Check it out below.
    • A lot of changes has been made to the native roster of Media Atropatene to include a wider selection of units, with some borrowed from its immediate neighbors, such as the early Parthian horse archers, the Seleucids' Indian elephants. Some existing units have been tweaked to grant Media Atropatene access to levy tier pikemen as well as medium tier pikemen, and Parthia's late imperial infantry units have been redesigned as new units to that become available to both Parthia and Media Atropatene as well. The changes to its existing units have been carried out with an emphasis on having them look and function more like their Achaemenid ancestors, whilst integrating a plausible degree of hellenization.

    Here are some examples below.

    The Late Median Cataphracts that KAM added not too long ago in an amazing update are now equipped with the heavier, better looking shields from Empire Divided.

    The "Sparabara" unit now have more linen body armor and simple bronze helmets on them, but no longer have access to bows, which I know a lot of people will absolutely hate. However, they now function as a spear-wielding light hoplite unit instead that can be stretched out very thin if you have mods that allow it. This way they can reliably protect your thick line of archers behind them against cavalry units or lightly armed infantry as well as soak up a lot of missile fire should the enemy field horse archers, yet lose decisively against Greek hoplites or pikes.

    The "Elite Sparabara" have been redesigned as a revived version of the "Anusyia", or Immortals. They function much the same, but have custom spears which make them slightly better against infantry than ordinary spear units, and now have 8 ammunition opposed to 5. Despite having more hellenized scale armor and helmets, they have slightly less armor than average Greek hoplites and can not hope to beat elite heavy infantry in melee.

    The Satrap Guards now do feel contempt towards their enemies' attacks and wish to survive by wielding shields with their spears. To respect their former look, however, I have made their idle animation place those shields on their backs. I also gave them fancier gear and of course, more helmets and beards. Long, thick, combat-ready beards.

    Persian Axemen are now a lot more furrier with a rugged, mountainous set of attire and behavior on the field, but still look more civilized compared to their Armenian and Georgian counterparts. Behind them are the newly added Indian Elephants which the Seleucids used to hold a monopoly over.
    * Credit goes to "Promjenio Sam Nick" or "wiff wiff" on steam for providing these screenshots.

    I will continue to update every aspect of this small overhaul and make sure the changes retain a playable degree of balance despite being a "glory" submod. If possible, I will expand upon existing Median reforms to give them an even more early Sassanian feel to their roster by the late game. And before you ask, yes, I will make a version of this compatible with the DEI Alexander submod.

    Installation & Compatibility
    This submod has been uploaded to the steam workshop, which you may check in the following link:

    Compatibility really depends on how heavy of a submod user you are. If you are using other overhauls that touch eastern factions, this submod will most likely be incompatible with them. First test things yourself, and should you run in to any issues contact me on steam If it works fine on singleplayer for you, then it should work just fine on multiplayer. Although how you'd make it is beyond me.

    Everything in this submod is merely an edited extraction from the DEI packfile, so ultimate credit of any and all submods of mine do go to the DEI team, and should any issues arise with the content I upload I will take them down accordingly. If KAM hadn't paid Media any attention this mod could not have been made, so I do want to thank him for giving Media their own reforms along with proto-Sassanian units.
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