Stronger Rome


This submod has been uploaded on the steam workshop for quite some time now, but I'll share it here just in case some are unaware.
If you ever thought playing against Rome in DEI R2 was challenging at first, but perhaps not as challenging as you would have liked by the late to end game when you are capable of pumping out doomstacks as frequently as Rome can when played by the AI? Say no more!
This mod will directly buff Rome in several ways, making them quite the menacing threat
to even the most seasoned DEI players if left unchecked, especially into the late game after the Marian reforms take place. The changes are listed below:

- "Shield6" or the shield entry mostly if not exclusively used for the Roman scutum, has had their melee defense increased by 1, and their block chance increased to 75%. In tandem with the testudo ability Roman legionnaries should boast a whopping 95% block chance when frontally fired upon.
- Post-Marian legionnary units including the Praetorians but at the exception of Antesignani and auxiliaries will now have the "expert charge defense" attribute added to them. This will in effect make them just as resilient against charging cavalry and infantry alike as spear units.
- The "gladius" entries used for mainly Roman infantry but some other units as well (such as Etruscan garrison swordsmen, ligurian and veneti sword units, etc) has had their armor piercing buffed from 3~4 to 6~8, and their base damage reduced accordingly. This is still lower than axes and comparable to sicas.
- The Roman fortification stance now comes with 2 barricades and 2 stakes, as well as a very slight morale bonus and upkeep reduction.
- Rome as a region in Latium, provides 10% bonus movement speed for all armies, and 50% bonus to income from razing, sacking and looting to its occupant, including the player should Rome itself be successfully captured.
- Polybian reforms now take place at imperium level 2 and turn 40, Marian reforms then take place at imperium level 4 and turn 100, and finally Imperial reforms take place at imperium level 5 and turn 180.

I am considering adding stamina bonuses as well as vs cavalry/elephant bonuses to the gladius as well just to make the Romans that much more annoying and bloody unfair to fight against. Hell, why not give the Romans bonus income off the bat and a morale bonus against other Romans too so civil wars can't slow them down either.
Note that you can, of course, by all means, endulge yourself and play as the Romans with this mod enabled. Just don't get caught ... plebeian coward!..

Installation & Compatibility
This submod has been uploaded to the steam workshop, which you may check in the following link:

It should be compatible with any other submod that does not touch the same tables and is also multiplayer-friendly, although I don't know how you'd manage to do so considering how difficult it is to make multiplayer work at all.

Everything in this submod is merely an edited extraction from the DEI packfile, so ultimate credit of any and all submods of mine do go to the DEI team, and should any issues arise with the content I upload I will take them down accordingly.