This submod has been uploaded on the steam workshop for quite some time now, but I'll share it here just in case some are unaware.
As I've played R2 for some years, I've always been frustrated over diplomatic penalties in the following scenarios:

  • If you, for example, prepared your legions along the Rhine to avenge the travesty of the Teutoberg forest, declared war on your neighboring German tribes, and they subsequently sued for peace by offering you client state status or a lump sum of gold as tribute - you could not accept their offers because your diplomatic rating would suffer a hit, going from Steadfast to unreliable or untrustworthy. Such a penalty would often result in your existing AI allies losing faith in you and abandoning your cause, ending a trade agreement with you, or outright backstabbing you with a surprise declaration of war.
  • If you, for another example, dreamt of restoring the Achaemenid Persian empire in swift, successive, satrapal conquests, and decided to vassalize your neighboring minor factions immediately as you declared war on them and blitzkrieged their capitals, you would have to endure heavy diplomatic consequences - once again going from Steadfast to unreliable or untrustworthy, because vassalization automatically acts as a peace agreement as well.

And so I decided to create a very, very simple mod, "War and Peace", which addresses the aforementioned with the following effects:

- Reduce the diplomatic penalty of accepting a peace offer (which may come with a tribute of a faction on the next turn of your declaration of war against them.

- Reduce the diplomatic penalty of vassalizing a faction into a client state or satrapy immediately on the very turn you declared war on them.

With this submod, no longer will your upstart Achaemenid aspirations or campaigns beyond the Rhine be hindered by diplomatic implications, and expand your empire shall, with relentless momentum!

Installation & Compatibility
This submod has been uploaded to the steam workshop, which you may check in the following link:
It should be compatible with any other submod that does not touch the same tables and is also multiplayer-friendly, although I don't know how you'd manage to do so considering how difficult it is to make multiplayer work at all.

Everything in this submod is merely an edited extraction from the DEI packfile, so ultimate credit of any and all submods of mine do go to the DEI team, and should any issues arise with the content I upload I will take them down accordingly.