So years ago, no , a decade ago (I remember writing that though like it wasn't that long ago...) I joined the forum in hopes of finding a modder for M2:TW who had the same taste in literature I do. It wasn't quite the astounding success I hoped for at the time, but then again back then not much was.

<Insert lots of time>

Was playing Malekith and stomping on things when I randomly googled and realized Glenn Cook had released a new book from the Black Company series, except the time line was somewhere in the middle of the saga because that's cool of him.


Reading the newest and not best book in the series... I realized again... this would make a fantastic mod. So I'm curious if it's worth bringing back up. A decade ago I was a dumber younger me, today I'm a dumbish older me. That difference aside, another is now I can help produce this idea, whereas back then it was more just a shot in the dark.

If any one wants to have the conversation please feel free to dm me.