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Thread: Manic's Flags for Empire Total War

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    Default Manic's Flags for Empire Total War

    Installation instructions below


    This is my first (and likely only) mod for Empire Total War.

    As the title suggests, it's primary focus is to replace/update/improve ETW faction flags. This includes minor factions, as well as battle flags and naval ensigns. Listed below are some of the highlights, as well as a few choice screenshots of the new flags in-game. They're currently rather limited, but I'll look to add further preview images shortly.

    Main Features

    • Unlike many other flags mods, almost every single faction in the game (including emergents and cancelled factions, such as Tuscany and Mecklenburg) has had its flags replaced/updated. Only the 'default' flag and the factions in the first tutorial campaign (Virginia Colonists and Powhatan Confederacy) continue to use their vanilla flags. This is because they feature so little in the game that I just didn't think they were worth spending the time it would take to update them.

    • New, higher resolution interface flags for all factions in both the diplomacy screen and the campaign/battle UI.

    • Redone battle flags for all factions. I'm no military history expert so most continue to use either their normal flag or a stylised/semi-fictional war flag I threw together on the fly. I didn't want to use regimental standards since it didn't seem right that every regiment in a nation's army would be using it! Plus the vast majority I could find online seemed to come from the Napoleonic era, a century later. I'm open to suggestions for improvement!

    • Redone naval ensigns for all factions. Again, I'm no expert in military history so most factions just use their normal flags. I'm open to suggestions for improvement!

    • The colour palette is generally less garish and the fabric textures have been markedly improved. I've also aimed to give the flags more uniform features. For example, unlike in vanilla, all flags now have a gold trim and they now all use the same fabric texture.


    • I generally aimed for a mix between historical accuracy and aesthetics, so some flags may look different to how they would have appeared in real life. For example, I didn't much care for the Papal flag of the time, so used the Papal arms as the flag instead. Also, it should be noted that many nations didn't have something analogous to a 'national flag' in the 18th century so many factions will use what would have been exclusively a royal standard or naval ensign.

    • Native American flags have all been given simplified colour scheme (except for the Iroquois). Fancy dyes were expensive and it didn't make sense that they all had vibrant burgundy and orange flags so now they mostly have white or lightly-coloured backgrounds. Also, their battle flags have been given the 'worn' effect applied to armies with wounded units. I just thought it made them look more 'rugged' in their presentation on the battlefield.

    • The new flags should also carry over to the Warpath campaign.

    • Non-rectangular naval ensigns (like for Denmark and Sweden) don't seem to work like with national and battle flags, so they are all rectangular. If anybody knows if this can be fixed, let me know!

    • I don't use any major overhaul mods (like Darthmod) that also edit the faction flags, so I cannot say how compatible this is. However, I would assume that changing the load order in Mod Manager so that it takes precedent over any overhaul mods will override the flags in that mod with those in this one. Regardless, this mod is relatively simple and doesn't mess with the startpos so it won't break your game if there's a conflict!


    Here a just a few screenshots from the main menu, diplomacy and campaign screen. More screenshots showcasing some battle flags and ensigns will be added shortly!

    Also I use quite a few visual mods so I've provided links above the ones that can be seen in the screenshots, just in case anyone is interested and wanted to try them out for themselves.

    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 
    Other visual mods used in this screenshot:
    - Durango's Interface Visual Enhancement Mod (Menu Background)

    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 
    Other visual mods used in this screenshot:
    - Durango's Historical Portraits Mod (Portraits)
    - Historical Minimap Mod (Diplomatic Relations Map)

    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 
    Other visual mods used in this screenshot:
    - High Definition Graphic Pack: Terrestria Orbem (Lighting & Water)
    - Realistic City Graphics (Terrain, Roads, Rivers & Building Textures)
    - Historical Minimap Mod (Minimap)


    Download Mod Manager if you haven't already.

    Download the .pack file from the link provided at the top of this post and place it into your Empire Total War 'data' folder (Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Empire Total War\data by default). Launch Mod Manager and enable mod_manicsflags.pack by checking the box next to it.

    Press the 'Launch' button in Mod Manager to start the game and that's it!


    At present, aside from any potential unforeseen bug fixes, I consider this mod to be complete.

    However, constructive criticism and honest feedback is always welcome and I'd be happy to consider implementing any changes to flag designs should better alternatives be suggested. If you feel that a different flag would be more appropriate for a faction (and you can ideally point me to a reliable source) please do not hesitate to let me know!

    Considering it is essentially a reskin of Empire and there are far fewer factions to edit, I will probably release something similar for Napoleon just to 'complete the set'.

    Hope you all enjoy!

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    Default Re: Manic's Flags for Empire Total War

    Without a doubt the best and most consistent flag mod ever made, 10/10

    Life is strange sometimes. I was just yesterday thinking about maybe doing a new flag pack for myself, for possible public release. And now I don't have to!

    I'll play some ETW later with the mod installed, though I've already looked through the textures. The nice thing about how perfectly consistent they are, is that it's so easy to customize things like saturation for those who want. You can pretty much do a batch job in Photoshop and the process takes a few minutes only.

    Wonderful job.
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    Default Re: Manic's Flags for Empire Total War

    Thanks very much

    Considering how long this thing took me to make, I'm honestly glad I could save you the time!

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    Default Re: Manic's Flags for Empire Total War

    Quote Originally Posted by ManicMayo View Post
    Considering how long this thing took me to make, I'm honestly glad I could save you the time!
    I know the struggle of doing repetitive work... I know it very well. Getting that high degree of polish takes more work than people realize.
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    Default Re: Manic's Flags for Empire Total War

    I've thrown together some fancy charts that preview all the new flags. I wanted to add them to the OP but, apparently, I can't edit my posts yet because the post count on this account is too low.

    As such, until I'm able to add them to the OP, I've posted them here for your viewing pleasure:

    All Flag Previews - Page 1|Page 2| Page 3

    Hope you all enjoy

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    Default Re: Manic's Flags for Empire Total War

    Corrected error on second image, Prussian flag previews were displayed in the wrong order.

    New link to fixed Page 2 preview image here:

    Page 2

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    Default Re: Manic's Flags for Empire Total War

    cool stuff

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