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    Hi, I'm working on an older mod and have had no reply from the original creators.
    In this mod there is a seemingly hidden script or trait or something, which kicks in after the first turn of a campaign, whereby the roads of the faction's regions are automatically turned into highways. Does anyone here know where I could find (and disable) this?

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    Well, it's not a trait causing that. There is only one function in EDB that can upgrade roads and that's 'road_level', so start by finding all the buildings in EDB that have that effect. Then search for those buildings in campaign_script to see if there are indeed any scripts that create them.

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    Hey, thanks for the quick response.
    I've scoured EDB, and only the three vanilla buildings that affect the road_level are the classic roads/paved_roads/highways buildings of the hinterland_roads type.
    None of these words yield anything in the campaign script...

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