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Thread: Recruitable Pagan AND Catholic priests

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    Hey, I couldn't find anything relevant on the forums even though it seems this is a fairly common modding project.
    I added a strat model for a different kind of pagan priest to descr_character and descr_model_strat (after the three levels of catholic priests). But I can't recruit it! I don't know how to set it up as recruitable in EDB
    My question is: how can I give a faction the ability to train both catholic and pagan/other priests from different buildings? How do I set this up in EDB (or whatever other file I need to edit).

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    The strat model and tooltip will be determined by the Level attribute of the individual priest. The traits with the desired Level attributes can be granted based on what buildings are present in the region (Catholic church, pagan temple, etc.) or you can use any other scheme you want to grant the traits. In EDB, you would just make the priest agent trainable for whatever building levels you want and then use EDCT triggers to grant traits based on which building is present. You should probably make it so that only one of the buildings can be present in a settlement at once.

    This will only change the appearance of the priest on the strat map - they will all still convert to the faction religion.

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    Alright, thanks!
    I knew they would just convert to the faction religion but hadn't thought it through that if I were to allow a faction to train both Christian and Pagan priests they would both preach the same religion... Good to know!!

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