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Thread: Campaign AI has been a bit too bi-polar since the last patch

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    Default Campaign AI has been a bit too bi-polar since the last patch

    Disclaimer: I actually like the spirit of the new changes. Campaigns are a lot more dynamic and factions rise and fall with a satisfying regularity.

    Its just that its a bit too hyperactive. Every second turn it seems a faction declares war, then asks for peace directly afterwards. Or attacks me directly after we declared a ceasefire. And then they refuse an alliance despite me offering them thousands. Its gotten to the point where I'm losing track of who's at war with me and who's not.

    Also while before it was impossible to get the AI to ask for peace, now its too easy. Which I wouldn't really mind except that it applies in AI wars now. Just in my last game an Eperiote quarter-stack took a lightly defended Roman city. The Romans had a full stack in the next province, but instead of taking it back they just signed a peace treaty straight away.

    Its not as if campaigns are unplayable right now, its just playing on hard now feels like playing on VH, with diplomacy going out the window.

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    Default Re: Campaign AI has been a bit too bi-polar since the last patch

    I agree that diplomacy is starting to resemble Game Of Thrones with its haywire betrayals and shifting allegiances. Though kudos to the EBII team for continuing to tinker with the campaign AI - it's hard work. But some iterations will produce bizarre gameplay, and the current one does.

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    Default Re: Campaign AI has been a bit too bi-polar since the last patch

    I prefer the current mechanics to what we had before, when the AI would just endlessly fight to the death, refusing peace right up until they have been wiped from the map.

    The cadence could be a little less generous, but I also think the current goal of preventing super-factions is worth a few wars ending too soon.

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    Default Re: Campaign AI has been a bit too bi-polar since the last patch

    So I sort of agree with some of the concerns, but on balance Im enjoying my Macedonia campaign a lot.

    If you're weak, you get attacked, but if you turn the tables, the AI will actively try and get out of a war before it loses anything. This is good.

    In the west I've had peace (with an alliance) with epeiros for decades. Rome has left me alone. I've kept 1/3 - 1/2 stack garrisons. Prior to that Alliance epeiros was just cyclically attacking me, probably due to the bonus small faction money, it was a real pain. If you're competitors are busy with each other and rebel settlements, my experience is you can still do diplomacy with the ai.

    In the east I'd say its a beautiful mess. I've been in a rolling conflict involving everyone on the pontic sea. I've managed to create a 20+ turn peace with my neighbors, but everyone else seems happy to travel to try and murder me. Whilst this is possibly a bit much, this is comfortably the most interesting long term defensive war I've ever been in and, to some extent, its reasonable. My west is super secure, epeiros exists because I allow it, the east is rich and insecure, I lack the money and recruitment to simultaneously defend what i have and attack the four factions who want me dead. it largely makes sense. I do wonder if the AI is a little too happy to walk past other possible targets to attack me, but as I said, my east is rich and I cant keep it secure.

    The two things I would maybe like to be rid of, the old school med 2 war by blockaded port. Dont remember a lot of that in EB (or if it has happened armies followed suit). I've seen a couple of blockades without troops moving. Secondly i wonder if the ai is a bit too happy to start a war whilst its not paid its reparations (or possibly immediately after) for the last one. Does make you a bit more hesitant to accept peace if the ai offers it.

    On balance though this has been really interesting

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    Default Re: Campaign AI has been a bit too bi-polar since the last patch

    To fight and conquer in all our battles is not supreme excellence; supreme excellence consists in breaking the enemy's resistance without fighting.
    - Sun Tzu

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