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Thread: Creating a World - missing Steam voice files

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    Default Creating a World - missing Steam voice files

    IntroductionFollowing a discussion here I extracted the disk version sound files and added the voice files to my trusty Bare Geomod in Steam and then generated new pack files in Bare Geomod. After that I removed the earlier unpacked disk version sound files and unpacked the newly generated voice.dat file now present in Bare Geomod. This resulted in the missing 1.009 voice files (battle, animals, strat map), that were now in the dat file, to be unpacked. These files are present in the latest Bare Geomod version and can also be downloaded separately - in both cases a file listing is included in the directory.
    Instructions for useAdding to Steam: adding the files to the base directory in Stream and attempting to generate new packed files is an undertaking wrought with multiple pitfalls. The much easier approach is to download and play my Bare Geomod set up which essentially is the imperial campaign with a number of fixes. For the more experienced users here the 'creating new pack files' method:
    1. make a copy of the ...\Medieval II Total War\data\sounds directory for back up
    2. download Vercingetorix's edited tool and extract it (7Zip is freeware) into the data\sounds directory
    3. run the extract_sounds. bat file - you will be prompted for input after every section that has been extracted
    4. move the newly created data\sounds\music directory into the original data\sounds directory
    5. repeat with data\sounds\sfx and data\sounds\voice
    6. download the missing voice files and extract them into the data\sounds directory
    7. delete everything in the data\sounds directory, until you are left with only these directories: music, sfx, voice
    8. download and install my desktop shortcuts (makes the main campaign mod compatible)
    9. download the kingdoms sound text files and extract them into the ...\Medieval II Total War\mods\launcher\data directory (easily located by right clicking the new desktop shortcut for the main campaign and choosing 'open file location')
    10. start the main campaign with the new desktop shortcut
    11. that's it
    Adding to mods: simply extract the downloaded file (7Zip is freeware) into the data\sounds directory of the mod and then delete the events and voice idx and dat files, start the mod. The mod will require a full set of sound text files as available in my sound dev kit.
    Linksmissing voice files
    Bare Geomod
    Vercingetorix's edited tool
    desktop shortcuts
    kingdoms sound text files
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