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Thread: I suck at naval battles

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    Default I suck at naval battles

    So I've tried one long line, a line two ships deep, throwing half my navy into the battle and throwing my entire navy into the battle at once. Nothing seems to work and i get beat heavily. Does anyone have any advice?

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    Naval battles are complicated and different. Start practicing with 2-3 ships on each side and take it slow, use pause often. Once you get comfortable with how naval battles work, move on to more or bigger or more complicated ships. Keep practicing.

    If you practice, soon enough you will be in the group of people that want tougher BAI.
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    It is important to understand how sailboats work and move (in relation to the wind). Once you have a basic understanding of sailing, the tactics of naval warfare are rather simple.

    I would read through an earlier post that I made:

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    THanks to you both. Im a napoleon on the battlefield but unfortunately a napoleon on the sea

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